The Witcher 3 Artist: Driveclub’s Weather Was a “Huge Inspiration;” Has “Fantastic Weather Effects”

Turns out that the folks at CD Projekt RED had a source of inspiration that some wouldn’t have guessed.

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waltyftm1352d ago

Great to see Evolution getting the respect they deserve.

Satyre281352d ago

The game is absolutely gorgeous no doubt about it. The fact that they straight up lied to the consumers is what is a big problem. We still to this day do not have a PS+ version that they promised us, as well as was completely broken at launch with majority of the game being patched in (Weather system). That is completely unacceptable especially since the game was delayed and delayed some more.

Mexxan1352d ago

The game can be picked up for very little now so spend some coin and support Evolution. If it's the principle of being told something and it not being delivered, well ya didn't spend a penny on it so legally ya you can vent and that's about it. Plenty of Driveclub game owners are very thankful of what Evolution have put together AND think they should be rewarded for it.

badz1491352d ago

"completely broken at launch"? ok, now you're just exaggerating. the game was perfectly playable offline. and then they already promised before hand that the weather will come in December, which they delivered.

I'm sure the promised PS+ Edition will come sooner rather than later but I personally got the PS+ Edition on Day 1 and upgraded for cheap to full edition from there. it was taken down the next day.

Rimeskeem1352d ago

And the game is amazing now.


DriveClub uses Simul Truesky a weather and sky system that allows realtime sky and clouds control not only to look pretty but to intervene in gameplay i.e when volumetric clouds obstruct light from the sun when they pass over it and when they uncover the sun you get suddenly dazzled ingame which interferes in the gameplay. It is good they got inspiration from Driveclub but I doubt they used such advanced system in their game (such tool has been used in Arma 3 and supports UE4 too).

Blackleg-sanji1352d ago

I hate ppl like u let's say something positive for once another dev sites driveclubs weather as an inspiration and we start talking about the ps plus addition sigh

remixx1161352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Every time Sony or its studios gets some positivity shined on them........I just sit back and patiently wait for the run of the mill fanboy to come in and throw something negative in the mix.

.....for some reason these guys just can't stand to see Sony get any positive hurts them.

Just peep the articlle where unity chief john riccitiello was congratulating Sony. Man the Xbox boys were going ham and cheese in that article........septic was on a rampage.

FreakOrama1352d ago

Let me just fix this part

"as well as was" multiplayer only "broken at launch"

Aside from that, the game was amazing, and now that it is fixed, there's nothing to complain about =)

methegreatone1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Oh, come off it.

Driveclub doesn't look like my cup of tea in terms of racing games. I prefer full sim or fully arcade. Still, I can really appreciate what Evo have done with DriveClub.

Whatever said and done, though. However incomplete the game was at launch.
Evo have done a fantastic job since then. Their post launch support has been incredible. You can bet that games like pCars will be influenced by that example !

Besides, this article is about weather. Driveclub's rain in particular is fascinating. No other game holds a candle to it.
The driving experience itself is undeniably good. The quality in terms of visuals and sound is amazing.

As gamers, we should all appreciate that.

MysticStrummer1352d ago

The lack of a PS+ version is a legitimate complaint, but saying the game was completely broken at launch and that the majority of the game was patched in is beyond ridiculous.

wegetsignalx1344d ago

The PS+ version is still coming, and Driveclub only had some online issues for the first few weeks after launch, far from "completely broken".

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Bansai1352d ago

I don't remember rain being this bad:

in Driveclub

Ninver1352d ago

One of the best complementing one of the best. I love the unity between Sony deva and third party devs it's great.

slasaru011352d ago

"Weather effects" means rain?

Angainor71352d ago

I must admit, Driveclub's weather effects are the best i have ever seen in a video game..

Cra2yey31352d ago

Ironic how I was gonna buy both these games on the same day.

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