Sucker Punch Builds New Motion Capture Studio For its New PS4 Game in Development

We know that Sucker Punch is working on a new PS4 game, and that intends to push its characters beyond what they achieved with in inFAMOUS Second Son and inFAMOUS First Light. Apparently this also means brand new equipment, as the studio has been building a new motion capture setup, as showcased by Character and Cinematic Supervisor Billy Harper.

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Balega1312d ago

Well they are first party now and of course Sony is going to invest in one of their best studios. I would say second best after what happened to SSM in last few years, with canceled project (new IP), firing of 50 people, of whom most were veterans at that studio.
SP never got as big of a budget as GG or ND and yet they delivered fantastic games. I hope that changes in the future, they deserve it.

Brotard1312d ago

Excited to see what comes up! Hopefully they are well funded and have a great idea, then its just down to execution, which i don't doubt they will get right

darthv721312d ago

I like Sucker Punch. The Infamous games are wickedly good fun.

breakpad1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

for some reason i consider Sucker Punch untalented studio ...All their Infamous games lost me and none managed to keep me interested (never finished one) ...i wonder why Sony bought them in the first place and why is investing to mediocre made games

pivotplease1312d ago

Agreed SP has been impressively consistent compared to the likes of GG. SSM has really slowed down since the only title they've given us that truly lines up with their track record is GoW3 (in the last 9 years). I feel like SP deserves some budgeting headed their way. Hopefully we get some news on MM and Last Guardian soon. Those two studios have left us hanging a little long.

Whitey2k1312d ago

I love infamous and first light I just wished that they make there open world like GTA lively

pivotplease1312d ago

While I agree, I still think GTA could use work in this department as well. All open-world games could use some more variety and dynamic elements. Though it's an RPG and unfair to compare, I think TES gets the closest to offering a living, breathing open-world. Although, there are always the bugs...

JWiLL5521312d ago

All it really needs is better side missions. I don't really expect a GTA-like world given how quickly players are able to move around it and the need for more verticality.

As much as I loved Second Son (bought the limited edition with the Delsin beanie) the side missions were basically all mini games. Don't get me wrong, the stencil art spray painting with the motion control was cool...but there has to be more.

Better, more varied side missions + tighten up the parkour = perfect InFamous game.

RevXM1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

Yeah but if we cant get Cole back I'd still like to see electricity coming back.
I think its still the most badass power of all, blend in some of the smoke powers so that the player can turn into pure electricity and warp through rails and stuff.
It would be almost like the smoke and vents thing, but It would work almost everywhere and be really fast.

And bring some more electromagnetic like powers like frying shit like your opponents guns and computers and blow them up with a special attack from a short distance?

What about moving metal by creating magnetic fields at will or something? The electric shield in Infamous 1 was something like that it would stop bullets and you could push cars and people over with some form of blow effect.
What if you could pull metal towards you or like smash things in between cars? And jump to metal bars that were a little longer out than you would be able too reach or something?

Fucking hell electricity based powers are the best and its so badass and pretty to look at lol. next gen lighting and electric powers = epic win!

chrisx1312d ago

probably another awesome game in the works

OhMyGandhi1312d ago

this pretty much rules out any hopes of seeing a new sly cooper... Damn, as much as I liked the Infamous series, I would love a next gen return to the "Saturday morning" cartoon sensibility that they had going with Sly.

Speak_da_Truth1312d ago

IMO i think studios like ND and SP have grown past games like that. Instead Sony should give games like Jak 4 or a new Sly game to smaller studios.

OhMyGandhi1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

The problem with that sentiment is that, developers (and consequently, investors) think that the only way for gaming to gain acceptance, and to be legitimized, and not a "child's toy" is somehow tied to the maturity of the game's themes and aesthetics.

If what you said truly is to happen, I don't know if i am going to like the future of gaming.

While Sucker Punch is a fantastic developer, to think that there would be no chance for other types of games within the gaming environement is downright depressing.

Why is then, that a game like Yooka-Laylee can beat their kickstarter and ALL of their stretch goals in 48 hours?

Games are meant to be fun, and if we as gamers, have to suffer through the "gritty reboot" like our big film brethren did, and for that to subsequently inspire legions of smaller developers to craft uniquely whacky, cartoony inventiveness...Then I know where I'll be spending my money.

AudioEppa1312d ago

I can't wait to see them push the graphical fidelity and also up the cinematic feel baby.

JWiLL5521312d ago

The facial animations in Second Son were pretty damn stellar. I believe they borrowed some tech from Naughty Dog there, I remember reading something along those lines.

Minato-Namikaze1312d ago

All Sony studios share tech. So they probably did

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