E3: Gabe Newell disses EA at their own presentation

Appearing at Electronic Art's E3 2008 press conference, Gabe Newell tried to download play the company. Hit the jump to find out more on this story.


Just thought of adding this, because it's related in every possible way. Valve releasing a product on PS3 (Orange Box), and not doing a thing to fix their own product.

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avacadosnorkel3746d ago

shouldn't say anything bad about anybody

Playstation Man3746d ago

A fat, whinny baby who can't develop his way out of a PS3 packaging box, let alone fit in one. Hell, he couldn't fit in the truck that ships em'.

He insults EA, says PS3 is a waste of time and then proves it by giving up on the Orange Box PS3 version...seriously, useless fat slob. Hate him, so much.

lsujester3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Well, technically EA did the PS3 version of Orange Box, but I still agree with what you said.

Don't forget that he used to work for Microsoft. Also check their announcement about all the 360 titles they are doing.. but nothing for PS3 or Wii. Simply put, he's either being paid very nicely by MS, or is at least taking care of the company that was paying him very nicely.

jadenkorri3746d ago

gotta love this guy, hates the ps3 cause he can't program for it, in other words, unwilling to adept to new technologies, i can tell you exactly what happens to those people, they are forgotten, its as simple as that, his fat lazy azz will only take him so far...keep it up Gabe, wonder how many people will buy the next Half Life Episode, i wish noone would...

plenty a tool3746d ago

if valve had said they was making games exclusive for the ps3, then everyone would love gabe newell, and his games would stunning.

but because he's not gonna bother for what-ever reason. a bunch of know nothings that couldn't code a digital watch are all attacking him and valve....when everyone knows how glad they would be if half-life3 was ps3 exclusive.

sad litle hypocrites on this site.

and i have the feeling that more than a dozen of the worst fanboys on this site resemble gabe newell.

Bad_Karma3743d ago

it just happened to be twinkie time and as you can all see ...NOTHING comes between Gabe and his Twinkies...except maybe a pork chop or two ..... dozen.

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RonDeMuerte3746d ago

hahahahaha he looks like the typical X-bot....

SixTwoTwo3746d ago

He is the posterchild for being lazy.

TheColbertinator3746d ago

Gabe Newell is very out of shape.Someone get that guy Wii Fit cause he is struggling to breath in the presentation.But he dislikes EA which is good.

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ps3fosho3746d ago

good god there should be a limit on how ugly a person can be

Awesomeo30003746d ago

who cares wat gabe newell says that man hates everyone and everything hes the worlds fattest baby

LaChance3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

"A fat, whinny baby who can't develop his way out of a PS3 packaging box, let alone fit in one. Hell, he couldn't fit in the truck that ships em'.

He insults EA, says PS3 is a waste of time and then proves it by giving up on the Orange Box PS3 version...seriously, useless fat slob. Hate him, so much."

It simply amazes me how you people to have so much hate and disrespect for somebody you dont even know , that doesnt know you.Simply because he doesnt like your console.
Its unbelievable the emotions a console can bring up some people.
Moreover dissing him because he's fat is being disrespectful to all "fat" people on N4G.And no Im not fat but thats not a reason to diss those who are.

@xhi4 below : whatever makes you happy but I was actually serious.I dont see how my mind can have hate for some guy I dont know , that doesnt know me , that has absolutely no effect on my life whatsoever and who just is in no way related to me in the slightest way in any domain.

To me hating someone like you guys do with this guy (btw didnt have a clue who he was , till I read the article ) is like hating a fictional caracter.Might as well have hate for Master Chief or Pikachu or whoever.

xhi43746d ago

for one comment, hide that green cape of yours.

jadenkorri3746d ago

personally i don't hate Gabe for dissing the ps3, I hate him for not supporting his game, yes i know ea made it for ps3, but he is still responsible for the game and valves reputation, but the ps3 version should have updates just like the 360, and pc but no update for it will ever come cause of his hate towards the ps3... and personally Valve will lose business cause of his opinion of the PS3... Pissing off PS3 users, which I believe is up to 14 million and counting... Not all of them just own a ps3, im sure a lot own the 360 and the Wii, if they bought Orange Box on the ps3, aren't they gonna be pissed off with no updates to a product that gets updates on all other consoles its on except PS3... And i would love Gabe to explain to PS3 user why his orange box don't work properly on his ps3 and he should of bought it for the 360...

C_SoL3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

like my dad, fat. Anyways, it's his fault 4 being fat. I don't care if he dislikes the PS3, but its very ignorant & arrogant 4 him to say the PS3 is a waste of time cause he loses people that may look into a game that is being made from valve. I surely didn't buy OrangeBox cause of what he said. \

Once you develop for the PS3 & code it right, the 2nd time is going to be easier and cheaper, 4 EX:Insomniac.

Also, it's called respect. He & Value gets no RESPECT from me.\

Playstation Man3746d ago

No, I don't know him, but he insulted me before I ever insulted him. He insulted me as a consumer, delivering a lousy product and insulted my console of choice, a hefty investment that IS a good time investment proved by MGS4 and Killzone 2.

Mr. Newell bashed me before I ever bashed him, so he deserves such comments.

snakeater33746d ago

hmmmm....never trust a black frenchman

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eagle213746d ago

I saw a PSN game at E3 starring Gabe dressed up as a medieval princess.