Nippon Ichi Software Confirms New PS3 Title

NIS America's Jack Nilda confirmed at E3 yesterday that the company's home branch in Japan is working on a new title for the PLAYSTATION 3. He did not provide any details about the game aside from the fact that it will take greater advantage of the hardware's technological capabilities than Disgaea 3. Nilda noted that the company is also interested in working on an RPG with motion capabilities for the Wii, but the PlayStation hardware will continue to be the primary focus for the foreseeable future(due to the larger number of hardcore gamers). Lastly, Nippon Ichi is set to announce two new titles: one before the end of July and one in September or October. Only time will tell whether or not one of those games ends up being the mysterious PS3 exclusive.

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Playstation Man3748d ago

Probably Disgaea 4 considering how long Disgaea 3 has already been out in Japan. Looking forward to seeing it in August!

xhairs93748d ago

I feel like I read this somewhere before...but anyways more PS3 games yay!!

LevDog3748d ago

Add another Title to the Avalanche of Ps3 Exclusives

xhairs93748d ago

Somewhat like the avalanche in your avatar.

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The story is too old to be commented.