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A cool video of Sony's Motorstorm CGI vs. Gameplay. Pretty cool, but could have been better if there were more 1st person gamplay footage. Either way it is alot better than the first Cgi vs. Gameplay footage for sure.. any thoughts?

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TheMART4331d ago

It's not there by far

Not even close.
CGI stuff was like realtime, a movie.
The real game is just a beefed up PS2 game

likeaboss3024331d ago

Not impressed by the realtime graphics at all. Also when I played the demo it felt like I was racing in slow mo. I didn't have a good feel of speed and control of the car.

timmyp534331d ago

i found it fairly fast after about three seconds of acceleration .. the retail version will be great

THAMMER14331d ago

Wish full thinking drone.

That is why Sony fans have such a hard time. You look at things all messeded up and back wards. If this is how it looks now and the game is launching in like 2 weeks what do you thik they can do to make it better?

Sony is doing the best they can to keep up. But letts not make a comment that you mite have to eat latter.

Funky Town_TX4331d ago

When I see gameplay footage on the net it looks better? Not into racing games though. Why do they keep showing the same track over and over? I want killzone PS3 (e3 05 version).

Fuzz McDeath4331d ago

They keep showing "the same track" because the whole game takes place in the same environment - only one variety of track - the desert. That's one way they kept the game looking as good as it does, limited assets to deal with (like a fighting game whose 10 arenas are all in the snow). Also, if I'm not mistaken, the number of vehicles is also very limited. I think the graphics look good, but no great. My biggest disappointment is the gameplay itself. I found it very dull and repetative. It'll be fun, but its not terribly deep (compared with the likes of burnout, etc.). I think is really the prettiest "tech demo" available.

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