Kitase-san reveals FFXIII's story is now "complete"

Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase has revealed that Final Fantasy XIII's story component is now complete, with the team soon to begin work on the game's Japanese voice recording sessions.

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Harry1903770d ago

Nomura counts now. Only Nomura.

KRUSSIDULL3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

I hope its good havent played FF since PSone days.

gerol3770d ago

hope you all enjoy M$ paycheck :)

Cerberus_Hunter3770d ago

That paycheck is helping make the PS3 version go faster :)

Playstation Man3770d ago

PS3 Japan-exclusive (home territory) and me getting my version of the game quicker thanks to M$ payday. I win, Sony wins, Square wins and Microsoft overspends. Cool with me.

Booyah3770d ago

@Playstation Man
You live in Japan ? If so then damn you, you.....lucky bastard

deeznuts3770d ago

Booyah, dude.

Understanding japanese is a different story. Will there be sub-titles? That would probably be just as good or even better than english speaking.

Ninja-Sama3770d ago

Using M$ cash to better the product on the PS3...oh god I love it!

Don't wry 360 guys ur port shud be playable. Lost Odyssey had 4 discs right? I call 7 or 8 for FF13. Damn it this is so hilarious!


And enjoy the instal times on the PS3.

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Raoh3770d ago

creativity takes time. ask kojima. seems the paycheck only helped rush the game out.

like many have stated, going multi has already started to hinder the game. how do you go from "we are working on it, its a long proccess, we are shifting staff around the clock, we want it to be perfect no shortcuts"


"paycheck? hmmmm ok this game is almost ready to be shipped"

i too am starting to loose interest in this game, not that i wont check it out but it is no longer on my must have list.

avacadosnorkel3770d ago

...and ends with a handshake and a big check

Playstation Man3770d ago

And then White Knight Chronciles comes along and whips FFXIII's a$$!

Overr8ed3770d ago

Hey is their any new news on White knight... PM me some stuff if you can thanks.

deeznuts3770d ago

Why PM? Let the information flow to everyone!

Due in japan before march 31, 2009 probably.

Playstation Man3770d ago

Question is, how long will localization take? Hopefully not too long.

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MajesticBeast3770d ago

paycheck finished the story.

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