E3: Wii, PS3 forecast clear; Xbox 360 cloudy

Nintendo Co.'s Wii focuses on casual, Sony Corp. defines a home entertainment hub, and Microsoft Corp. tries to expand outside the core audience in the latest E3 battle.

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PoSTedUP3748d ago

sorry I had to say that.... i couldnt hold back.... please forgive me.

GiantEnemyCrab3748d ago

You wouldn't be lying.

The 360 is definately cloudy right now. Not sure which direction they are heading in but time will tell. There are still a lot of unanswered questions with the new dashboard and what exactly MS has in the form of AAA exclusives coming. I think it was a huge mistake for them not to show a glimpse of the future of their games, since it is like MS say, all about the games.

Tmac3748d ago

I believe Microsoft is changing their slogan to:

"We want some casuals".

u got owned3748d ago

I think the hardcore gamer already have moved to this generation of consoles, at least the majority. Now is up to the casual to decide who wins this war.

Greysturm3748d ago

It is the casual machine by definition if anybody want a reminder look at e3 at tell me what wasnt casual about that.

juuken3748d ago

I agree with you Crab for once.

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Playstation Man3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

The analysts all seem to agree the X360 is in trouble. But to the gaming media, no other console exists BUT the X360. It's a confusing dilema and one we gamers can get caught in tug-a-wars about. I understand that FFXIII going multi is a big blow, but media make it sound like it's the end of the PS3 even though in Japan it's still PS3 exclusive. Analysts all seem to point out that now it'll just be GTAIV all over again.

I'm not sure what to make of this contrast in opinions anymore as the analyst has also spelled doom for the PS3 and failed to be correct. Plus, the media is becoming a little less biased thanks in large part to Resistance 2, Killzone 2 (kinda) and their american hardcore thirst for AAA FPS games. The situation is just all over the place and I really don't know who or what to believe anymore.

Being a business grad myself, I enjoy analyzing this situation. You don't have to have a degree though to tell that the numbers look more favorable for Sony right now in A LOT of ways as compared to what they were before and that the 360's loss of momentum and lack of a solid game line-up for the next year may be a major turning point in this console war. But that said, how can I believe any of these numbers coming out when such discrepencies exist between NPD, VGChartz and other major "trackers"

I'll end my little column here, just saying that this media circus and the PS3 vs X360 coverage they provide is really inconsistent and hard to pull together and come up with a truly correct answer to the whole situation. It wasn't like that last-gen at all.

dachiefsman3748d ago

Nice post.

I think MS has more tricks than those that were offered at E3. It would be illogical to think that MS has no first party games for release next year. The PS3 will start to roll once they are able to push out more of there hotter games on a consistent basis. Sony needs to stop talking and start delivering.

The media creates controversy cause that is what they do. More controversy the more hits to their site, which so evident by the garbage articles submitted to this site. As far as the analysts, they look at numbers and most of them don't know their a$$ from a whole in the ground <IE: Michael Pachter>.

Just my take on it.

PoSTedUP3748d ago

if your a fan of a console your gunna think that console had a better E3. plain and simple. E3 doesn't even matter cause its almost DEAD. yup E3 is pretty much dead. the way i see this E3 is that sony was more about business and they didnt really care too much about wining E3 cause they know it doesn't matter who wins it cause SALES SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES ya know. MS had a good E3 but the way i see it is they put off their spring update just so they can have somethings for E3 like avatars, new dash board, netflix etc. which in my mind is pathetic. besides for FF13 the only thing i thought was cool was the 1 vs 100 thing. to say who won E3 is just an opinion ya know.

beoulve3748d ago

I doubt it. With the way they spent money on buying exclusives, RROD still come back as profitable year, I doubt that they really put more money in expanding first party games. If they do, they will be on red. Keep in mind, unlike Nintendo and Sony, Microsoft first party are relatively small.

Genesis53748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

What baffles me the most about MS is how can a company of that size and wealth not come up with an original idea of their own. Why all the stealing and the paying off? I mean really they must have an R&D division why not use it.

PooPooPlatter3748d ago

"But that said, how can I believe any of these numbers coming out when such discrepencies exist between NPD, VGChartz and other major "trackers""

You can't be serious.

NPD is a very large retail tracking firm that is used by the entire console industry. They have been doing console retail sales for a long time and would not still be getting paid for their services by virtually every developer and publisher with games in the US. The same goes for Media Create, Chart Track, etc. in other regions.

vgchartz is a site run by a teenage Xbox fan.

Playstation Man3748d ago

NPD figures aren't very consistent with Sony announced figures at events like E3 and TGS. It's hard to get concrete agreed upon figures.

PooPooPlatter3748d ago

"But to the gaming media, no other console exists BUT the X360"

Gaming media changed back around the death of the Dreamcast, launch of the Xbox timeframe.

There were a tremendous number of insanely bitter Dreamcast fans and Xbox fans who saw gaming media not as something to disseminate information to gamers but as a weapon to extract revenge upon Sony for killing their favorite consoles.

By the end of start of the current gen a huge portion of the gaming media had been overrun by bitter ex-Dreamcast/Xbox fans. Sites like EGM, 1Up, Eurogamer, Kotaku to name a few were almost entirely filled with people who thought the 360 was going to be the long awaited revenge against Sony and they went batshit insane with the trashing of the PS3.

Every PS3 exclusive was reviewed with absurd criteria applied to no other platform's games or just outright trashed. 6/10 LOL!

Every bit of Sony news was to spun in the most absurdly negative way possible.

Side by side comparisions for cross platform games were rigged on sites like gametrailers by the Xbox fans working there.

Companies like Epic were given a free pass at passing off absurdly fake Unreal Engine marketing shots as 'in game' to try to give the impression the 360 was massively more powerful than it really is

The RRoD and other 360 hardware problems were ignored as much as possible.

Vgchartz was constantly putting out inflated 360 sales numbers and deflated PS3 sales numbers.

Those days are coming to a close though. Vgchartz is a joke to everyone now, gametrailers has been shown to be frauds, many of the most hardcore Xbox fans at sites like GameSpot and 1Up have been fired.

There are some 125-130 million PS2 owners out there and they are not going to put up with the garbage that went on the last couple of years. Trashing everything related to Sony and the PS3 just doesn't sell anymore to anyone but a very niche audience relative to the overall console fanbase.

avacadosnorkel3748d ago

I was thinking the same thing...

"The analysts all seem to agree the X360 is in trouble. But to the gaming media, no other console exists BUT the X360."

You should be a fortune teller if you know how to explain it.

macalatus3748d ago


You have the best post I've read in a while! Bubbles for you!

Playstation Man3748d ago

I agree, those devoted to the Dreamcast that jumped to the XBOX brand inspite of Sony have been taking a hit as of late and their numbers are declining. Still, it's hard to overlook the constant defense that some sites like IGN with their NGII review and Too Human preview are providing to protect X360 game flaws. Especially exclusives.

I'm finding some media to be a little less biased with equal coverage of the big three, but too many times I'm seeing these random and completely unjust articles ripping PS3 performance and games popping up still. Hence my stance that the media is still a little one-sided.

1stKnighT3748d ago

Looks like poopoo is still whining and throwing excuse after excuse.

macalatus3748d ago

Looks like 1stKnight doesn't have anything intelligent to say to counter poopooplatter's post. Translation: 1stKnight got owned...big time!

harrisk9543748d ago

The media keeps forgetting that FF Versus XIII is still exclusive to the PS3.

thewhoopimen3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

I would say i have to disagree with your point about MS having more under its table. My reasoning is simple. E3 is an American convention where MS NEEDS to shine. This is where the American Media, American Software Developers, etc are spending their hours making a decision on who's going to be big this year and who they should be spending their money on. For MS to keep anything under the tables at this event would be silly because nobody could care about MS's announcements in a convention like TGS (Tokyo Game Show... where there isn't much of an Xbox market). On the otherhand, Sony's biggest convention is TGS (and maybe Leizpeg but that applies to both MS and Sony) where they need to wow the Japanese Home Market. So my take on this whole show was that Sony was keeping many things under wraps, waiting to unveil at TGS.

@i Don't mind disagrees... but I'd enjoy a discussion :)

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flexbox3603748d ago

just show me some frikkin new games

name3748d ago

I think Microsoft is trying to break into the casual market, but don't understand that the 360 will NEVER be a casual console. All they're doing is making their userbase face palm. Casual people want the wii. All they will ever want is the wii. There is nothing that can be done about it.

SeNiLe9113748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

either M$ or SONY could become the next casual gamers console of choice with the right games and experience and M$ just might have that this fall. Rip off or not, the casual games and avatars coming this fall look very appealing if you can step back from being all hard core and all and look at it from a casual gamer aspect.

Kids and families will have fun with making avatars, then taking them into games like the Wii does. Lips will defiantly score big with all the karaoke fans allowing them to bring in all there DRM free music instead of having to download whatever gets licensed and charge an arm and a leg for it.

Once people start playing these few new casual game that look to be fun for a casual gamer, the Wii effect could possible take effect. Not saying it will be as great as the Wii numbers but you never know. Once the price comes down a little and the word starts spreading that the Xbox 360 has a cool looking dashboard and avatars and casual games we like playing every day or weekend or whatever, it could be a instant classic.

We’ll just have to see.

Oh, I forgot, then they will be able to hope over and watch a movie with there Netflix account from there Xbox 360, Nice.

toughNAME3748d ago

Unfortunately, games don't cut it in the gaming industry

Tmac3748d ago

Yeah, blatantly stealing your competitors ideas and then saying you did it first is the new wave of the gaming market.

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