PS.Blog: Live Demo: Valkyria Chronicles, PS3 exclusive SRPG

Playstation Blog:

"E3 may now be over, but the games shown off at the event will be a part of our lives throughout this holiday season and beyond. One title that will occupy the lives of PLAYSTATION 3 owners for hours upon hours this fall is Valkyria Chronicles. This PS3-exclusive strategy-JRPG from Sega (to clarify, NOT a PSP game), is utilizing the power of the console to push its dynamic and visually arresting Canvas Engine.

The graphics in Valkyria Chronicles appear similar to an animated watercolor painting, with a bit of the colored-pencil-sketch action seen A-ha's 1980's "Take On Me" video. As you'll see in the video below – it really works."

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Dark vader3742d ago

I hope sega decides to bring sky of arcadia to the ps3. This game is a first day purchase for me.

Esena3742d ago

Yes yes...looks very interesting :)

Brixxer6003742d ago

I'll be getting this on day one for sure.

Would definitely like to see them do another Skies of Arcadia.

LiquifiedArt3742d ago

Looks like i'll be picking this up. Love the art style. Love the relaxing feel of the game. You can pick it up and play it for 15mins and put it down. Nothing too action packed or too quiet. Its a nice Late evening Game, that keeps you playing.

Playstation Man3742d ago

Eternal Sonata w/ exclusive content, Disgaea 3 exclusive and Valkyria Chronicles exclusive have me overwhelmed with RPG potential this fall. Now, if only White Knight Chronicles could come out...

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The story is too old to be commented.