The Pokemon Company generated $2 billion retail sales in 2014

The Pokemon Company has announced its 2014 brand licensing results through License! Global.

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iTechHeads1973d ago

Maybe they will finally make a console game? If not for Wii U then for NX.

porkChop1973d ago

A 3D, open world Pokemon game. I've been waiting for so long.

ninsigma1973d ago

It just needs to happen. Like right now!

Eldyraen1973d ago

Haven't we all (as long as they are a fan of Pokemon anyways).

Paytaa1973d ago

I would purchase whatever Nintendo console that is on just so I can re-live my childhood. That needs to happen now.

Emrage1973d ago

Pokken tournament does that count?

gangsta_red1973d ago

Would a console Pokemon game hurt sales for the portable versions?

Do you think that's why Nintendo hasn't made a true Pokemon game for their consoles?

Agent_00_Revan1973d ago

No way. Because they would probably allow transferring from portable games. Bringing both together is nothing but good.

magiciandude1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

The loyal Pokemon fanbase would buy each generation and both versions in many cases, so I don't think a home console version hurt the sales of the portable versions. If Nintendo keeps adding reasons to buy a game, it will sell boatloads of copies even if it's on portable.

The biggest barrier would be the size of the Wii U's install base, so if anything, the home console version wouldn't sell as good as the portable versions by nature and pose very little damage.

gangsta_red1973d ago

I always thought that Nintendo should make a Pokemon MMO, but then i said...

Why would I ever play the handheld versions if I had a MMO Pokemon at home.

Maybe Nintendo thought the same and this is why they are hesitant to put a real pokemon game on their consoles. They need a real big IP to be exclusive for their handheld system.

Emrage1973d ago

And they still don't do events through the e shop but no they have to give cards at stores that aren't in the netherlands. Recently they posted a video for a dragonite and again it's only in the us at gamestop but you can get this dragonite easy with the game but the dragonite has a hidden ability but something like diancie how can i get that if there isn't any gamestop in the netherlands.

fei-hung1973d ago

I thought pokemon was owned by Nintend, or is this a subsidiary or Nintendo?!

XiMasterChief1973d ago

They have a contract with Nintendo.

It's like Quantic Dream has a contract with Sony.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1973d ago

Nope. Nintendo created the Pokemon Company to handle the Pokemon Franchise.

XiMasterChief1973d ago


I stand corrected. TPC is owned by Nintendo. I must be thinking of Gamefreak (the devs of Pokemon).

Nodoze1973d ago

Yet the executives cannot figure out any way to spur WiiU sales!?! If only there was a way to shake them awake to have them make a large open world Pokemon title for the console! It is common freaking sense. WiiU's would fly off the shelves in Japan.

Sheesh. For a smart company, they sure can be stupid some times.

danny8181973d ago

That's impressive for an old franchise to be honest.