Saint's Row Improving On GTA

There's just something exhilarating about breaking the law gang-style and trying to take over a city while earning respect points and moolah. Sure, some people are saying "GTA rip!" but we say the more the merrier, as long as they deliver.

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Sphinx5448d ago

I may give this game a rental, but we'll have to see... I'll probably wait a month, then read all the reviews... I mean, there's TimeShift, Prey, and Madden in the summer, too!

USMChardcharger5448d ago

sphinx, i think that there will be a demo on xbox live soon.
Outlaw? xbox360rocks? haven't you guys heard this too?

Gamer135448d ago (Edited 5448d ago )

i won,t wait for a review of this game i now it will be solid as in gameplay graphics storyline side missions etc, and ill get it at launch. Can,t wait to play it.

And pimping out my ride alot more clothing choice etc than GTA. Can,t wait.

But GTA next gen will be better but thats a long way to go.


OutLaw5448d ago

I know the only game to compare this to is GTA. But I feel Saints Row is going to be a classic on its own. Just like alot of people could compare all these first person shooters to wolfenstein being the first FPS made. Saints Row is going to be a step up from GTA. Until the next gen GTA comes.

USMChardcharger5448d ago

"But I feel Saints Row is going to be a classic on its own."

i 2nd that. read a great preview in oxm. i was impressed.

PS360PCROCKS5448d ago

Hell yeah this will be definetly sick...

sparco5448d ago

This game looks fu**in awesome. I havn't been this excited for a game (in this genre) since GTA 3 on ps2 was first released. Saints Row looks brilliant. Plz release the demo soon. For those in the UK OXM recently got the demo, so i reckon it might be in their next mag.

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