Trick to unlock Berserker and Commando in Too Human Demo by Karl Phillips

Karl Phillips writes, "Accidentally leaving my XBOX360 unplugged from my power outlet, my internal clock was wiped clean and my date and time were reverted back to the XBOX360's launch date. Without realizing this, I fired up the Too Human demo without signing into XBOX Live only to see both the Berserker and Commando classes were unlocked for use. It seems as long as the date remains 11-22-2005, those classes will be unlocked. Look on for screenshots of these classes unlocked…"

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dachiefsman3744d ago

or just shift your time to 2009. defender class is awesome. I am sure this guy pulled it from the forums.

Ps3Fanboy7773744d ago

Why am i not surprised? And why is anyone even playing that game, you have to be REALLY bored.

pizzas3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Clearly you don't have a PS3. We have tons of demos.

Too Human lol.

Tmac3744d ago

Yeah seriously, PS3 has haze and Xbox360 has Too Human.

mesh13744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

ofc he has 1 bubble there are no 360 fanboys on this website anymore as you can notice the website is dieing and for that we are happy =)
its funny seeing a website with only ps3fanboys no 1 takes it seriuosly haha n4g is coming to an end its the next the funnesit thing about this site is the forums ther eare no 360 fan in the 360 forums section but it seems ps3 fanboys are the only 1 in there talking about 360 games they hate

at pizza is lost odessy was a flop as it got 8/10 quite a bit that means
resisitance 2
every single ps3 exclusive released so far have been flops as nonoe of them can scrape over 90% on gamerankings.

pizzas3744d ago

Actually 360 has:

- Vampire Rain
- Shadowrun
- Hour of Victory
- Kameo
- Bullet Witch
- Blue Dragon
- Lost Odyssey
- Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

They all flopped.

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power of Green 3744d ago

This is a good sign when you have so many people playing this and liking it; you have the type of gamers that like to work-around-things/cheat/push in the mix.

Tmac3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

LMFAO! Yeah you have people playing this, but I haven't read about the part where people are liking it.

You always pull some bullshit outta your ass lol.

Seriously you should become a Microsoft Rep, you're great at spewing garbage outta your mouth.

power of Green 3744d ago

LOL troll go wash your ass.

silverchode3744d ago

he has to he runs xboxkings

Microsoft_Warrior3744d ago

Too human sux
i played the demo 4 like 2 minutes and i deleted it

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