Thunderbolt Preview: Halo Wars

Matt Wadleigh reports:

''One of the biggest games this holiday season is going to be Halo Wars. Thousands and thousands of people will pick up the game simply because the Halo name is on the cover, even if they don't know anything about it. Thousands will probably be angry and disappointed to find out that they don't play as Master Chief and that it isn't a first-person shooter. I can already imagine game store employees explaining the game to unaware buyers to prevent themselves from having to take returns later.

But hopefully most people will actually give this game a fair shot and not base their expectations on the epic trilogy the proceeded it, instead accepting it as an all-new adventure in the Halo universe. I had the opportunity to sit down to play the game in co-op mode while Chris Rippy of Ensemble Studios (known to PC gamers for their award-winning Age of Empires series) looked on and answered my questions.''

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I really only wanna get 1 rts at the end of the year though - simply because they take up so much time

Its either this or Red Alert 3 *scratches head*

This does look nice though and with 6 players online - very respectable.