Thunderbolt Preview: Project Origin

Matt Wadleigh writes:

''Of all the games I am set to see here at E3, none interested me more or had me more excited than Project Origin, Monolith's follow-up to F.E.A.R. (a name they can no longer use thanks to a licensing dispute). Despite having their name taken away, John Mulkey, a producer on the project, was all-smiles and excited as hell to show off Project Origin. Listening to his description of the game was like listening to parents talk about their children – with intense pride and admiration for their every achievement. Project Origin was clearly his labor of love.

The basic gist of the story goes as follows: immediately after the events of the first F.E.A.R. – this game does not acknowledge the non-Monolith developed expansions – Alma has reawakened the Replica soldiers that were previously controlled by Paxton Fettle. The extremely creepy Alma is now using this army to take control of the city and, once again, you're the only one who stands a chance against her telepathic onslaught.''

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