Worthplaying Preview: inFamous

Worthplaying reports:

''You can't really go wrong with some "Three Amigos" references from press folks right before the demo of a game. In that '80s movie, Martin Short grossly misinterprets the meaning of the word "infamous," explaining to others that it means "more than famous" instead of its true, malicious definition.

Time will tell if Sucker Punch's forthcoming project inFAMOUS ends up being more than famous, but judging from the early sample that Brian Fleming and Nate Fox showed off, it's certainly got a chance.

This is quite a departure from Sucker Punch's previous work, the excellent (and slightly underrated) Sly Cooper series. If you remember, Sly Cooper combined a linear, kid-friendly adventure with some very intriguing platforming elements and a dash of humor.

inFAMOUS, however, looks neither funny nor kid-friendly. It's an open-world superhero game with some grit, with Brian Fleming (Sucker Punch co-founder) saying they are putting their toes right on the line between a "T" for Teen and "M" for Mature rating. Once again, time (and the ESRB) will tell.

inFAMOUS puts you in the shoes of Cole McGrath, an urban explorer who survives a chaotic blast that cripples all of fictional Empire City. The title uses comic book-style stills to help narrate the story, adding to its superhero vibe. As you can imagine, Empire City is left in total ruin, and the atmosphere carries a lot of typical post-apocalyptic fare. The only sane people left are hunted by the freaks and gangs left behind. This is where Cole comes in. While a lot of people died in the blast, he picked up some cool powers. The game's intro narrative leaves him contemplating whether he's supposed to use his powers for a higher purpose, or to just start breaking things.''

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thePatriot3797d ago

so far I love everything about this game.

Cartesian3D3797d ago

best looking sand box game to date ..

@1 :first day purchase for me too ( they proved themselves with sly cooper )