Worthplaying Preview: Prince of Persia

Worthplaying reports:

''As a kid, one of my favorite games was the PC classic, Prince of Persia. It was a crushingly hard and deeply unforgiving game that nonetheless manages to be addicting enough that I memorized every pixel of it. A variety of sequels have ranged from fun to terrible, but few could ever match the enjoyment of the original Prince of Persia. When they announced Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, I wasn't expecting much and found myself blown away by some of the finest action-puzzle gameplay ever, quite possibly the best 3-D action-platforming, and a genius method of allowing players to experiment without fearing death. The sequels were strong and fun, but despite their quality, they never quite matched the pure joy that came from first playing the new Sands of Time. When Ubisoft announced another new Prince of Persia title, my hopes were high, and they have not let down.

For those expecting the return of the Prince of Persia and Farah, you might be a bit disappointed. Not unlike The Sands of Time, Prince of Persia: Prodigy is a reboot of the franchise. That isn't to say that everything has been changed, but you're going to be following the adventures of a new duo. An evil god, Ahriman, has conquered the world and spread a dark, viscous fluid called Corruption that kills all life that's not under his control. The prince is one of the few people still holding out against Ahriman's conquest, but all seems hopeless until he discovers a young princess named Elika. She has the unique ability to heal Corruption by reaching certain Corruption Grounds, and it is up to the prince to guide her there so that Ahriman's evil plot can be stopped.''

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