Worthplaying Preview: Fallout 3

Worthplaying reports:

''For those unfamiliar with the awesome Fallout world setting, imagine that the future we had pictured in the '50s had actually come true. Household robots and ray beams exist, and there is still that bizarre '50s sense of misogyny and racism that is somehow both hilarious and offensive at the same time. Unfortunately, one of the other big '50s predictions - the entire world would blow the crap out of each other in a nuclear war - also came true. Most of the world is a radiation-scorched wasteland, and the survivors try to eke out a meager living in between bouts of fighting off radiation-mutated animals and the group of jerks that's trying to control the world this week. Vaults are super-reinforced, self-sustained societies located inside bomb shelters, and they're relatively safe from the influence of the outside world. Unfortunately, that also means that if something goes wrong, the Vaults have to send someone into the wastelands to take care of it. Fallout 3 tells the story of a boy from Vault 101 who is the latest Vault-dweller to step into the world of Fallout.''

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MK_Red3748d ago

"Fallout 3 is quite possibly the best game at E3 this year..." Great news but it's a heavy match between Mirror's Edge, Prince of Persia and Fallout 3.