ArchangelMike3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

So is there NvidiaHairWorks on PS4, because Geralts hair physics look amazing. Mind you the physics in the game in general is awesome (4:46).

I'm loving the combat though, makes me go "ooohhh" everytime someone get sliced in half (2:04) :)

Genuine-User3356d ago

My thoughts exactly. The game looks fantastic on the PS4.

DarkOcelet3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Yeah, it looks really beautiful. CDProjeckt are really awesome.

The game looks really optimized and doesn't seem to have any frame drops. I honestly didn't expect it to be that good looking or that well optimized.

I guess the PS4 is really a beast of a console and CDProjeckt are one hell of a developers.


Everything looks nice even the hair and the fur on the animals and coats. Kudos to CDProjekt !

@ above, eventhough that all NVidia GameWorks are planned for consoles (even Flex) :

The Witcher 3 is not concerned and won't support NVidia GameWorks for consoles (since they aren't ready yet): here is how HairWorks look :

The one you see in PS4 version (or PC default version without enabling HairWorks) is the CDProjekt solution which is satisfying enough.

raWfodog3356d ago

Really looking forward to playing this final chapter of Geralt's (hope he doesn't die or anything). Unfortunately, my wait is gonna be a little longer than most as I don't plan on picking it up anytime soon. Still got my huge backlog to play through and I'm doing really well avoiding new games until I can through some others. Still having fun with GTAV right now, then I plan to get Shadow of Mordor GOTY edition. Maybe for Christmas...

Not enough hours in the day :(

badz1493356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

I must admit that this looks very very good! Way better and more detailed than GTA V remaster. Well done CDP.

nveenio3356d ago

Everything looks great. The only thing that bothers me is the shadow pop-in on foliage.

VickerC3356d ago

Its looks great indeed on the PS4. It will look even better maxed out on my 3x SLI GTX980 PC ;-)

carcarias3356d ago


Except, sadly, it won't due to 'parity' :( It'll just have a couple of extra Nvidia touches and an extra 30fps.

carcarias3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

In reference to my comment above, I'm NOT trying to de-value anyones choice of hardware, be it pc or console.

It's just that I've been following this game for what seems like forever and have been heavily invested in the forums.

Trust me, or if not, go check them out yourselves. There is yet another thread which is set go on for for ages about the downgrades and how the PC version will only have small differences from the PS4 version, except for fps of course.

The developers themselves have said there's only 1 version of the Witcher 3, all games use the same assets and differences will be negligible.

I'm predicting almost Watch Dog like levels of people being upset. I'm a pc owner but I've excepted that VGX graphics aren't gonna be having more than one 980? Pointless for this game until mods come out.

So my advice is this, I've already spoken to people who have bought a 980 or two 980's expecting graphics that are now regretting their choice. Please, don't make their, albeit understandable, mistake.

Honestly, I'm not trolling, I'm just trying to help....

AndrewLB3355d ago

Plasticaman- Don't expect hairworks and other nVidia Gameworks features to be that heavily implemented in PS4/Xbone games. They are extremely taxing and in most cases the performance trade-off would not be worth it.

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MasterCornholio3356d ago

Nope it doesn't have Nvidia Hair Works. The developers created something new just for console. It looks great though.

ajoseph54543356d ago Show
Omnisonne3356d ago


You seem to be the most sour here though.

If you read the comments, people are more than satisfied with the ps4 version. Its usually people like you trying to put other ''inferior'' versions down whenever you have the chance, which is why you got downvoted

If people choose to play on Xb1 or Ps4 and they are happy with it, then let them?

raWfodog3356d ago

@ Omnisomme

Preach!! :)

badz1493356d ago


And you will find anything to make you feel better about playing on pc too. WHICH is more pathetic considering this is an article about the PS4 version but you still feel the need to show your superiority complex here. Seems like you can't really enjoy the game unless you put down other's preference and choice to play it on console, ha? Pathetic!

Kal-V33356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

@ajoseph5454 i have a PS4 and a Gaming PC, buying both versions cuz CDPR deserves it (collectors on PS4, on PC). Where you at?

gameslayer24113356d ago

@KallV3 that's what I did as well! Super excited for both!

HammadTheBeast3356d ago


Literally less than 5% of the people who play this game will have Nvidia hairworks on, it takes a massive amount of resources and you'll be playing most likely at 30 fps if you do decide to use it.

Pixelart3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Lol... They didn't create anything else...yhey just cut and gimped all the Nvidia effects like always.

starchild3355d ago

Well technically it's not just for consoles. The PC version will have the same system in place when not using Hairworks.

Anyway, the PS4 version looks fantastic. They did a really good job with it.

someOnecalled3355d ago

gotta love this site. you said they made a new hair tech for console and get a ton agrees for false info. he says its not its the same as when you dont turn furtech on or have nvidia card and get massive disagrees. lol

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xTheMercenary_3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

doubt it, it would be exclusive to NVIDIA gpu's and the consoles don't have NVIDIA hardware.

ginsunuva3356d ago

Technically it can be run on the Cpu I think, like PhysX

xTheMercenary_3356d ago

@ginsunuva Not with the console cpu's they aren't powerful enough.


Every NVidia GameWorks (even Flex) is planned for consoles:
Excvept VXGI which is very demanding even for the strongest NVidia cards and it is very far behind the Q-Games The Tomorrow Children solution on PS4.

BillmadeAGate3356d ago

The game looks beautiful but god the combat looks stiff af...

Kal-V33356d ago

You mean the animations look stiff, the combat itself looks fluid as hell.

starchild3355d ago

I don't know what video you watched. The combat here looks fluid and responsive as hell.

NoctisPendragon3356d ago

For a western game the hair physics is good but if we are talking about hair physics and polygons FF XV is the reference , you should check thier hait physics out if you have the time .