Atomic Gamer E3 08 Preview: Street Fighter IV

Jeff Buckland writes:

''There was a joke going around over a decade ago that Capcom had finally learned how to count to three. After seemingly endless updates to their seminal fighting game Street Fighter II and three full Street Fighter Alpha games, Street Fighter III was unleashed on arcades in 1996 to a rather lukewarm reception (although the genre's biggest fans do play it quite religiously, so it was more a case of people moving on to 3D fighting games than any lack of quality on Capcom's part). After a couple of revisions to that and home versions of pretty much all the classics, Capcom has taken another 12 years and have learned how to count to four.

Many fighting game fans think that the delivery of #4 in this iconic series was a matter of when, rather than if - that Capcom was merely waiting for the right time to bring it back. And even though they likely started work on it before SSF2T Hyper Fighting was released on Xbox Live Arcade, I'm sure that its popularity had something to do with the announcement that Xbox 360 and PS3 ports are in the works. I got the chance to play an arcade version of the game at E3 2008, a version that's already had a ton of testing done by hardcore players in Japanese arcades, and that polish won't go unnoticed to anyone who has played their fair share of fighting games.''

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