Atomic Gamer E3 08 Preview: Fallout 3

Jeff Buckland reports:

''Fallout 3 was the first game to be shown at Microsoft's E3 press conference, and there's a good reason for it. The mythos behind the game and the threat of nuclear war is just as relevant now as it was 10, 20, and even 40 years ago, and those who have seen films like Threads or When the Wind Blows know that a post-apocalyptic Earth is going to be more than sweet car chases and "Kiptin Walker". But Fallout 3 still finds a stylistic balance between those two types of films, with an obviously dangerous and depressing outdoor setting, warring bands of neo-barbarians and tightly-knit groups who are trying to survive, and the remnants of civilized humanity that are still living on the surface.''

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