Watch Dogs 2 is Coming. Here’s Some Ways it can be Better

Current Digital writer Brian White examines ways the upcoming Watch Dogs 2 can improve from it's predecessor.

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smashman981359d ago

Really good article. I especially like the bit about the morality and bank accounts

AngelicIceDiamond1359d ago

Does anybody think Watch Dogs 2 will look better, worse, or match the WD1 prototype of 2012?

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cfc831358d ago

Not as good as the prototype. Those areas are rendered and take up alot of resources, that simply can't be replicated throughout the game. It will look better than wd1 for sure, though to what extent is a guess. I'm not a big ubisoft fan, but wd1 was okay.

_-EDMIX-_1358d ago

I....I just don't even get what type of question that is. Consider that Watch Dogs 2 will be next gen only from the ground up, by default it will look better then Watch Dogs 1...

Mind you, I think it will look good not based on dropping last gen support, merely based on exclusively making a next gen version separately from a last gen version, ie have another team make WD2 on the last gen engine if feasible on PS3 and 360 to bank and have a PS4, XONE and PC version that uses a different more demanding engine.

Lamigol101358d ago

I love Watch Dogs. It has a completely different feel to Gta, enough to own both. In fact, I'm considering buying it again. Really looking forward to WD2

_-EDMIX-_1358d ago

Yea, from what I've read, it sounds like a fun once over. I'll likely get it used later down the line.

annoyedgamer1358d ago

Maybe this time it will look like the Reveal trailer for the first game.

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The story is too old to be commented.