DriveClub Review - TeamVVV

VVV: "It may have had a stalled start, but DriveClub has come into its own thanks to its phenomenally photorealistic visuals, accessible and enjoyable handling, compelling club component and regular stream of game-enhancing content. Fun and thrilling, beautiful and addicting, DriveClub ranks as the PS4’s current reigning arcade racer."

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MrDead1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

If anyone is still on the fence and wondering if they should buy Driveclub read this review, it covers everything.

Team VVV are my go-to guys for driving game/sim reviews, they love the genre and there reviews are the most thorough I've ever read.

StartWars1261d ago

Thanks, that means so much to us!

GNCFLYER1261d ago

Fun and thrilling, beautiful and addictive is right. This game has me hooked since november.

What it does, it does better than any before it. The sense of speed and challenge it presents is unprecedented.

It's an amazing game. I hope my next racer project cars reels me in like tgis.

sigfredod1261d ago

the game is great, y envy EU players that got season pass discounted, no love on the us psn