EA “Extremely Pleased” With EA Access on Xbox One; Will Start Promoting With Microsoft this Summer

During the quarterly Electronic Arts financial conference call, the publisher talked about the performance of the EA Access subscription service on Xbox One.

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nicksetzer11261d ago

EA access is doing so well most likely because it is an amazing service. For $2.50/month ($30/year) you get:
-10% off all DLC and digitap game purchases
-games added to the vault, many only about 6 months later
-Early access to all EA games including Star wars, Mirrors edge, etc. Which give you full access to the game for a set amount of time. (usually 6+ hours)

It is a no-brainer for me.

lelo2play1261d ago

EA could add a couple of single player games to the vault...

facade_of_faust1261d ago

They do the MP as a way to drive dlc & extras since games like BF and sports franchises get limited if your not staying up to date with the rest of the player base. I have Access too, and I like it, but I think that's why they haven't pushed to many single player games in the vault......maybe when they get older though

Perjoss1261d ago

I'm interested in this service but they don't have any games that interest me on there, too much sports. Maybe if they add stuff like Mass Effect 4, Mirrors Edge 2 and Battlefront.

shaenoide1261d ago

Of course not! Single player games have a longer lifespan. The point in EA access is to give access to outdated games ( eg previous year sport games) with a shitload of DLC at full price.

You never stop to pay for games you already have bought or games you never wanted to play in the first place.

With EA you pay for a demo which was free years back...

And c'mon 10% off? If you are not dumb enough you buy your games on mexican/ hong kong store.

But kuddo for EA to make us feel like it's a great deal.

Gozer1261d ago

"Single player games have a longer lifespan."

That is not at all true.

EA Access IS a great deal. You get a discount on new games, as well as dlc. You can drop $5, on a 1-month sub, download and play a new title a week early, and if you want to buy it you get a 10% discount. You install the whole game, not a small chunk of it. There are only time restrictions put on content that can be completed before the allotted early access time is used up. If you buy it, it simply upgrades your license to ownership.

Also, the sports games available in the Vault have single player. So does Battlefield 4, Need for Speed Rivals, and Peggle 2. Ill be thrilled when Dragon Age hits the Vault.

MatthewMk21261d ago

Other than Dragon Age what single player game from EA have been released on Xbox One?

JasonKCK1261d ago

"Single player games have a longer lifespan"


Gozer1260d ago


To my knowledge, Peggle 2, and Dragon Age: Inquisition are the only strictly single player games EA has released for either next-gen console so far. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, its not going to bother me. I know there is a multiplayer mode coming to DA:I at some point. EA simply doesn't make many single player only games.

Septic1260d ago

"Single player games have a longer lifespan"

Lmao no they dont.

DemonChicken1260d ago

Genuinely fully agree good value for money but Jim brings up some pretty good points because it's EA

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Blaze9291261d ago

i been subscribed since the day it launched - i almost want more publishers to start doing this for their own games. Might be the new wave

4Sh0w1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Edit I meant to reply below.

1261d ago
Peace_Love_and_FPS1260d ago


I doubt that, considering Sony wasn't and still isn't interested in EA access, which I would love to have on PS4 but doesn't look too promising.

Ciporta19801260d ago

That's the opposite of what I want. I hope nobody else does this. The amount of mo they subs we have to pay for stuff is getting out of hand. Obviously I'm not just talking games.

Volkama1260d ago

@Ciporta 2 games retail at about 100quid. If EA access is the benchmark then I could subscribe to 5 publishers for that price. Or I could choose not to subscribe to any.

I hope other publishers follow suit.

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Kal-V31261d ago

Boy do you ever sound like an advertisement for EA access exclusively on XBox One. LOL..

nicksetzer11261d ago

It is only exclusive because Sony declined to participate, so hardly some xbox branded product as you are inferring. Not to mention, I like the product, should I not like it because it is only available on XB1? Especially being that it could just have easily been on PS4.

blackout1261d ago

Sony is a USA based company???

Dark111261d ago

DLC also started as a good deal and look what happened.
Just wait when EA access become to big to fail.

4Sh0w1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

When was DLC a good deal?

Here's a lil history for you. I dont recall any gamer saying they WANTED DLC, the problem was most devs just all decided to make DLC for their games since last gen because the claim is game dev costs are much higher than previous gens. Still gamers dont want to pay more for their games so DLC was the collective devs/pubs solution. We never asked for DLC but like it or not DLC was never called a good deal and I wish I could say I never bought any but sometimes I had to suck it up because there has been a few select games over the years that I loved so much I thought it was worth the extra cost, that doesnt mean folks are in favor of DLC.

Here EA are allowing you to play MORE games for LESS than their retail price. In theory if more publishers offer a discount subscription similar to EA Access then YES you folks like me will pay more subscription fees to multiple pubs but in the long run I would SAVE because I do NOT have to buy as many retail games while still playing more games.

mhunterjr1261d ago

DLC started as a horrible deal. It was like $5 for horse armor in elder scrolls...

If EA access becomes a bad deal, people will just end their subscription... No big deal...

But right now it's a great deal. If the games interest you, there's no reason not to subscribe.

Ciporta19801260d ago

I think some people can't remember the early days of dlc. They are talking about microtransactions which is when it all started to go bad like you said. Dlc used to be good.

SourtreeDing1261d ago

me personally i only enjoy Fifa from EA. so its not a great value for me.. i dont enjoy their shooters that much or any other games they make sorry..

Peace_Love_and_FPS1260d ago

Is FIFA available on access? Just wondering, because it would actually save you money if it were

wcas1261d ago

Doesn't give any subscriber numbers or anything. PR spin is what this is. If EA is happy with what EA Access is doing then proudly show the numbers. lol People are so gullible these days.

CaptainObvious8781260d ago

As long as it stays like it is, I don't mind it. I can easily handle that other platforms get a week early, but anything more than that, any kind of hiding content behind a paywall and I won't be happy.

Considering it's EA partnered with MS I won't be surprised if "paywalling" becomes part of the eventual future.

3-4-51260d ago

* At first EA Access was "iffy"/ or ok at best.

It's now become completely worth it.

I don't have it, but I'd consider it for sure in the future now, with the games it includes at the price it is.

* It's = to walking into Block Buster & renting 10-15 games for a YEA....for $30

90's gamers. Remember rentals ?

10-15 games for $30 for a whole year would have been a complete steal/ no brainer back in the day.

Yet spoiled kids complain of it now.

* It's a legit deal. It just is. Even if you hate Microsoft & EA.

_-EDMIX-_1260d ago

I don't know, I already like owning my games first off and though I own PSN Plus and get many free games from them, I still actually buy many games on disk. Only a few EA games I want to own this gen and I want to own them out right vs a fee every year. I don't mind it with PSN Plus as its mainly with games I wouldn't really even buy.

The Vault's games sound great as they stay over time, I just don't want a collection of games that way, not from just one publisher. Some titles I just want to own outright.

I don't even buy certain games as digital, no major releases coming this year am I buying digital only (if I got a choice lol).

It sounds like a good program for those that are fine with digital and the $30 a year. I'm personally just not sold on it is all, I may never be as I choose retail most times

1260d ago
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christocolus1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

EA Access is awesome value and i wonder why they even waited this long to start promoting it.They should have started immediately the service kicked off,maybe now they will start including a free month of access to certain EA games and EA/Xbox console bundles.

gamer11381261d ago

Back in March GAME in the UK were doing a month of EA access with Xbox bundles. So you could be right.

christocolus1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Nice.I didn't know GAME did that.I guess we will see more deals like that once MS/EA Start promoting the service more.

caseh1260d ago

Generous bunch aren't they, giving you a whopping £1.75 worth of EA Access. :D

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Transistor1261d ago

It's a great service for the value it offers, they should be promoting it more.