9-10 Million Star Wars: Battlefront Sales Predicted in FY2016; EA Confident that it Won't Be Delayed

During the quarterly Electronic Arts financial conference call, Electronic Arts announced that it predicts to sell between nine and ten million units of Star Wars: Battlefront during the current fiscal year and more.

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gangsta_red1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Which means it will be delayed.

I actually agree, with the Star Wars movie being the following month there is no way in hell that EA would miss a release date before one of the biggest movies ever releases.

Randostar1314d ago

Actually EA has final say on release date deadlines. I can guarantee this game is coming out the 17th of november. Finished or Not.

DarkOcelet1314d ago

Yeah, which i fear. Hopefully for Dice's sake it has a good launch.

morganfell1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

As I remarked elsewhere:

EA is confident of no delays because they have a history of shoving titles out the door whether they are ready or not. With a movie coming this year, AT CHRISTMAS NO LESS, there is no way EA is going to miss that window. The profit will be worth the fact they ship a product full of holes. In order to insure the product ships they have stripped it bare with their first act being NO SINGLE PLAYER AND NO SPACE BATTLES.

Of course this only works to their favor as it can then be sold to the public later as DLC. They will do so under the guise of "We wanted to make sure we could get it right" No you just didn't want to miss your payday window all the while having a huge money printing add on. The greed of this company is so thin, its anorexic. That's transparency in a way which EA didn't plan.

As I have stated before, Battelfront II - smaller dev team, smaller budget, weaker hardware...a great deal more as regards features. EA may find my lack of faith disturbing but I find their lack of features disgusting.

RealFry1314d ago


"EA may find my lack of faith disturbing but I find their lack of features disgusting."

Well said brother.

gbonez1314d ago

@ Morganfell, I saw your post on the dualshockers site regarding this article. I could not have said it better myself brother. Keep up the good fight, I stand behind people such as yourself.

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joab7771314d ago

Exactly. It cant miss and Disney, if they have any say at all will make sure it doesn't happen.

Haru1314d ago

Good luck with that EA

OUROSMAG1314d ago

Your lack of faith is disturbing...

Sgt_Slaughter1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

And then they look down on the franchise because it misses this absurd mark... calling it now.

Randostar1314d ago

That game will sell 10 mil copies in a year.its a FPS star wars game.

dcj05241314d ago

Now that you mention it I wonder how much Battlefront 2 sold. It was FPS too but it was before the whole FPS domination. And I expect console players to move in Third person while PC players play in First-person much like Battlefront 2

gbonez1314d ago

@dcj0524 also take into account inflation. Different hardware, different generation of consoles, different decade. I'm sure the games were a lot cheaper to make back then compared to today's industry

Perjoss1314d ago

Its DICE doing a multiplayer Star Wars game, no matter what the haters say this game will be outstanding and sell like crazy. If you went back in time before SW:BF was even announced and try to think of the very best dev to bring this franchise back to life, DICE is the best choice by far.

I acknowledge that previous DICE games have been far from perfect on release day, and I imagine Battlefront will be no different, but I'd much sooner blame pressure coming from EA rather than the talented devs working (really hard) on the game. Just remember that people actually making the game have absolutely no say when it comes to setting a release date and even less influence when it comes to making DLC decisions.

gbonez1314d ago

No doubt this will be a fun game. The star wars lore being there, the fact there hasn't been a star wars FPS in god knows how long, and the fact Dice is good at making FPS games (although this is also a 3rd person should you choose).

I just think it has the potential to flop, if it has not already, with the expectations of fans. Expectations are high, and as well they should be for a game of this caliber and the length of time it's been MIA (yes i know the game hasn't been in development for 10 years) but with consumers knowing more what is not in the game rather than what is, it could be it's undoing. I'm anxious for E3 to see how they are going to turn this negative view on the game around.

And with release being 6 months away some gameplay would be nice. Especially considering how this will be the third YEAR we see the division at E3

Perjoss1314d ago

"I'm anxious for E3 to see how they are going to turn this negative view on the game around."

silent majority > vocal minority.

Transistor1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

The original Battlefront game's did 9M DICE has an average of about 15M per game.

Along with the movie, it'll do much more than the estimate. It's pretty conservative, which I like.

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