The Witcher 3 PS4 gameplay will be unveiled tomorrow

The Witcher 3 gameplay will be showed tomorrow on a Playstation Poland youtube channel:

It has just been confirmed by one of the Playstation Poland employee in the video embed in this news.

Update: Marcin Momot, Community & Website Coordinator at CD PROJEKT RED just confirmed that Playstation UK will also show some PS4 gameplay tomorrow: http://forums.cdprojektred....

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Posted by PlayStation Polska on Tuesday, 5 May 2015
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sigfredod2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

finally, also kind of ironic that with the MS promo deal we still are going to see first PS4 console version of the final product.
And possibly see again the hot hostess from Sony Poland hmm cannot wait ;)

MasterCornholio2331d ago

Well that is pretty ironic since all the footage from before came from the PC.


OC_MurphysLaw2331d ago

I don't care what platform they show, nor what language...just show her again... hell skip the game video. I think I need to move to Poland.

thekhurg2331d ago

Kinga Kujawska

She has a ton of pics up especially on her facebook page.

ThePope2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

They showed X1 footage last month.

MasterCornholio2331d ago

Wasn't that on PC though but with X1 inputs?

rdgneoz32331d ago

They did it on another video and got caught, not sure about Popes seeing as they've said they'd show console footage soon (PS4 tomorrow).

sevilha822331d ago

nope,pc footage they had to do damage control after,that´s running on pc,ultra setting ,if XboxOne could run it like that i´d buy one rigth away.

Allsystemgamer2331d ago

That's pc footage with Xbox inputs. X1 isn't running 60fps

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skulz72331d ago

The game looks fantastic on the PS4 from the off screen footage. I don't know why people are getting so worried that it won't look good on console. More importantly I don't believe people are waiting to see the graphics before pre-ordering. We know the graphics are going to be good and secondly graphics are nothing without a good story and gameplay mechanics. This gen has just become "graphics graphics graphics" when games of last-gen were being judged on how entertaining they are - which is what you should judge a game on. Graphics come secondary to gameplay mechanics, AI, controls etc, but in this case anyway we know the graphics are going to look fantastic on any platform.

Perjoss2331d ago

There's been a few great looking open world games already on PS4, stuff like GTAV, Far Cry 4 and Shadow of Mordor look great so I'm sure Witcher 3 will look perfectly acceptable also.

_-EDMIX-_2331d ago

......well neither of those titles where made with next gen in mind. GTAV looks great on all platforms, same with Far Cry, Witcher 3 is only on 3 by default due to its demanding engine.

I'm pretty sure at this point the most demanding looking open world games thus far in terms of next gen titles are AC Unity and now The Witcher 3, I'll add InFamous Second Son to that list too as its an amazing looking game.

We haven't really got much next gen only titles, this year is getting a nice few!

Consider the games listed also look good on PS3 and 360, not to downplay their next gen ports, merely that the difference isn't a "next gen" difference, its small leap, but the next gen only titles are HUGE leaps.

ie Witcher 2 to 3, AC IV to AC Unity, Infamous 2 to Second Son.

Witcher 3 is on another level of amazing open world! Its going to be one of the first huge open world games that is next gen only.

Dustinf112331d ago

Anyone notice how the trees and grass dissappear in the off screen footage? Is that so they don't block our view or something else?

xTheMercenary_2331d ago

Probably in order to keep performance stable. Basically gets rid of further details to keep the performance at a stable frame rate, well that's what i think.

dRanzer2331d ago

there is noting to do with fps performance
its for the player to see the combat when you close to tree or anyting else(

dRanzer2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

sorry duble post

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