Electronic Arts Revenue for PS4 and Xbox One Massively Increases YoY; Last Gen Almost Halved

With the release of the last quarter’s Electronic Arts’ financial results, tehere's also an interesting detail about the split between old and new generation of consoles and more.

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Thatguy-3101359d ago

A lot of gamers have moved on. New generations ports have been outselling the old ones. It's time for developers to move on and just focus on current generation.

SpinalRemains1381359d ago

Its not like its an emotional decision for them.

They make all their decisions based on profit yields. If X amount of gamers are still playing on old systems, there is cash there.

Persistantthug1359d ago

I think it's kind of interesting that Packaged goods far exceeds full game downloads.......It's not even close.

Brotard1359d ago

Interested to see split between consoles

UKmilitia1358d ago

MS prob paid them to keep that info quiet.

TheKingslayer1359d ago

It's a good thing that the last gen consoles allowed for an easy transition. Had it been a mass exodus of support from Microsoft and Sony with the PS3/Xbox 360. I believe people would had a bit more reluctance to move on. Clearly gamers/consumers are ready to move on. This holiday season is going to be interesting for platforms across the gaming spectrum.

Be a gamer...Not a Hater

akaFullMetal1359d ago

No wonder DLC is pushed so much or is cut out from the main game.

"DLC and expansions are also shown as a big revenue source for Electronic Arts, amounting to about half of the revenue for packaged goods (that drop by 10% year over year), and twice as much the revenue from full game downloads.Electronic Arts, PS4, Xbox One"

dcj05241359d ago

Games cost a lot of money so good for them, making a profit.

Randostar1359d ago

Games cost a lot more money to develop now than they did 10 - 15 years ago. Without DLC we wouldn't have AAA games. Now they way a company decides to implement the DLC is what matters.

mochachino1359d ago

EA seems to be back on top. I know a lot of people that moved from Activision games like Destiny and COD to FIFA and battlefield. Although, if Destiny had RAID matchmaking we'd probably mix that in with FIFA again...or it could be too late for Destiny, we stopped playing after our last failed pub crawl manual matchmaking disaster.