Rogue Legacy Dev Explains Xbox One Version Parity; "No Idea" on 3DS Version & More

Rogue Legacy's parity on Xbox One explained by the developers who also hint at towards continuing the game.

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gangsta_red1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

So this was ported from the PS4 / Vita to the Xbox One with no new added content. Very interesting indeed.

Hope to play this soon. Good to see a lot of games that were on other systems first making their way to the Xbox system.

KryptoniteTail1314d ago

Ugh it is so hard. Your only hope is to grind after you play on Hard or New Game+ or whatever. First run is balanced though.

Dark_Overlord1314d ago

The game isn't that hard, as soon as you get some decent equipment the game becomes very easy (Until New Game ++), the only hard part is the Extra Boss fights, now those take a lot of practice (except the 2 flying blobs XD)

SilentNegotiator1314d ago

I would buy it again on 3DS. One of my favorite games on the current gen.

ZaWarudo1314d ago

I doubt it'll run well on 3DS without cutbacks, and that would hinder the experience IMO.