See First Glimpse of Disney Infinity 3.0 Figures from Star Wars, Inside Out, Tron

The company has released a five minute video that gives a full rundown on the set as well as gives first glimpses on the many Play Sets and figures it will feature.

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ValKilmer1263d ago

God, I mainly want those Tron figures.

Yi-Long1263d ago

Those look good indeed.

To be honest, I absolutely LOVE the design of all of these Infinity figurines. I'm so impressed by how they've manages to come up with a common look so they all seem to fit in with eachother, even though they come from very different backgrounds.

I don't have the game nor am I interested in playing it, but I'm thinking of picking up a bunch of figurines whenever they go on sale here in a 2=1 deal, cause I would love them as collectibles...

Those new Star Wars figurines look great as well.

Crazywhitie1263d ago

My Only Problem with Disney Infinity is you can play Any Character on any Level.. I own so many figures for the Kids but not sure i'll shell out any more until this is changed

deadfrag1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Wrong article.