5 major announcements we expect from E3 2015

Every June the gaming industry converges upon Los Angeles, CA for the spectacle that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as E3. There have been many, many memorable moments to happen over the course of the event's history, and we expect E3 2015 to add to its legacy.

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Transistor1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

My PS4 predictions

Gran Turismo 7
Media Molecule new PS4 game
Sly PS4
Monster Hunter PS4, maybe TGS
A Studio Japan RPG
Square Enix PS4 exclusive
Power Stone
Another exclusive from Capcom
Quantic Dream

freshslicepizza1262d ago

more uncharted footage along with uncharted collection remastered for fall

gran turismo 7 teaser

forza 6 gameplay with release date

wii u gets new price, $199

gears of war teaser along with gears of war remaster

xbox one slim priced for $299

no ps4 price drop but new bundles

guerilla games shows off their new title, 2016 release date

driveclub free for all plus members

rare comes out with a brand new ip and is also working on battletoads

breakpad1262d ago

very optimistic for PS4 MonHun... but i hope for a Vita return

Transistor1262d ago

I'm pretty confident about it.

millgate11262d ago

That would be a dream come true.

Cross-buy / cross-compatibility would be very cool.

RpgSama1262d ago

I think we will see MM new game at Gamescom, at e3 they will show tearaway unfolded in a reel footage with the release date so as to not canibalize their own game.

RuleNumber51262d ago

Ohhhhhh Monster Hunter PS4, plzzzzzzz.

buttcheeks1262d ago

Gt7 is 100% media molecule 100% sly is a no go monster hunter no dq11 not at e3 horizon 100% japan studio no power stone no shenmue lol capcom no quantic dream maybe ....god of war 4 100% a level five exclusive 100% a square enix exclusive is a possibility tho

bleedsoe9mm1262d ago

unless media molecule is working on a launch morpheus game , sony needs to make sure one of its big gun studio's is working on a morpheus launch game .

AndrewLB1262d ago

Square-Enix is now divorced from Sony financially. Don't expect any new game to be an exclusive.

Transistor1262d ago

Haha, OK.

The FFX Remaster is releasing for PS4 not Xbox One.

It doesn't end there.

guyman1261d ago

Lmfao, star ocean 5. Schooled.

MarkAnthonyOnline1261d ago

I am hoping for an Xbox slim to persuade me into buying one, which will be just for Halo, as all my main gaming is done on the PS4.

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WeAreLegion1262d ago

I'm letting myself get too excited. Every year, guys! Every year!

Sarobi1262d ago

Honestly I wouldn't let your excitement go that far.

Transistor1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Other predictions

Fallout 4
Call Of Duty PS marketing
ME4 MS marketing
Soul Calibur
Prince Of Persia
Mirrors Edge 2
Doom 4
Left 4 Dead 3
Kingdom Hearts HD PS4

mxguy931262d ago

everything but watch dogs 2

DeadlyOreo1262d ago

I would love a Watch Dogs 2 announcement.

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The story is too old to be commented.