Is Lazy DLC Ruining Games?

There seems to be a lot of pros and cons when it comes to DLC, but could it actually be on track to crippling the industry?

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HaveSumNuts1314d ago

Gamers who buy lazy dlc are ruining games.

badz1491314d ago

I love LEGO games so much I bought the season pass for LEGO Baman 3. Needless to say, it's literally the worst DLCs EVER! every new packs feels rushed and can be finished to 100% within 10 minutes each! I was expecting something worthwhile, not bite size episodes I can finish while pooping! NEVER AGAIN!

PuppetMaster2511313d ago

what do you expect from a lego game??

badz1491313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Like I said, I expected them to be longer, not bite size. Like multiple episodes or missions for the Arrow or Bizzaro World for example. But NO, they crammed everything lin short episodes which are very hard to enjoy because they are LITERALLY too short. Even the Lantern planets chapters in the original game is longer than these DLC BS!

UKmilitia1313d ago

i hate pretty much all DLC.

if you are extending a story like left behind(TLOS) then i think its cool as long as priced right.
but all the little DLC shouldnt be paid for example i borrwed AW of bro-inlaw and they had these new exo skeletons and they was £2+ each.
fifa points in fifa are a con.
The batman season pass looks bad.

season pass are the worst because u buy it not even knowing what your getting which is think is really stupid but if people pay it they will keep doing it.

then on the other side of fence we have witcher3 which is giving away loads of small DLC and then expansions for money(which i do support).

The issue is hate DLC so i dont buy it,yet millions of people compalin about it and then buy it which fuels there fire to keep screwing consumer.

but in the end its the peopel buying that are causing the ripp off to continue.

uth111314d ago

are almost daily "is ___ ruining games" articles ruining games?

Baszs1314d ago

The wrong bit is selling it before release.
Lets hope that CD-projects changes the gaming-industries take on DLC..
And lets hope that Rocksteady Studios are giving a good story to tell with their DLC.

I say be gone with DLC, and reintroduce "True" Expansions packs like Valve did with Half-life.

ThunderPulse1314d ago

Black Ops 3 season pass is already on the PS Store on the PS4.

Gilgamesh151314d ago

The word "lazy" sure gets thrown around a lot by gamers, who are among the laziest people I know.

SegaGamer1314d ago

DLC is taking the fun out of games that's for sure. I want to play a full game without needing to buy the extra stuff later, it's a rip off.

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