Free-to-play strategy game AirMech Arena coming to Xbox One on May 12

AirMech Arena is coming to Xbox One on May 12, 2015. AirMech Arena is a free-to-play futuristic multiplayer online battle arena title developed by Carbon Games and published by Ubisoft. The game is a highly competitive fast-paced real-time strategy game, where players team up mechs to amass unrelenting combat forces and destroy the enemy team's fortress.

gangsta_red2954d ago

Not going to lie...that looked bad a$&! Transforming hit and run mechs...sign me up!

Orbertron2954d ago

Awesome, Me and my bro can play this as if it was Robotech (Macross) lol, still waiting for Strike Vector.

Bigpappy2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

I played a game like this called Vasteel on Turbo GrafX. It was developed by an Japanese developer (HuneX). Each side had a bout 25 Mechs. Most had both Melee and range fire. You win when you have captures all bases. This one looks more like a mayhem shooter. I prefer Vasteel.

beans2954d ago

Turbo GraphX...Dang you took it back! Does anyone here remember Target Earth?

Moldiver2954d ago

Cool! I used to play this on X360! Its a fun game in multiplayer. a fast and simple game with its own sense of tactical play.

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