House of Wolves Reveal Teaser - Prison of Elders

Wednesday, May 06, 11AM Pacific. Join Bungie and special community guest Professor Broman on Twitch for the reveal of a new Destiny endgame activity to be included in the House of Wolves.

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Monkey5211266d ago

So it's basically a horde mode. That is always fun, I just hope that they add something more to it that makes it interesting for a longer period of time.

PANDAB1266d ago

I agree with you- it should be an enjoyable play mode to kill some time though.

They'll probably be adding weekly "burns" etc like what pertains now.

Naga1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

The "Prison of Elders" is a dark and mysterious place filled with foreboding enemies. It is a place where you grind your life away without any real hope of escape. Yes, my friends, the real "Prison of Elders" is Destiny itself.

And we are forever its prisoners.

tack1291266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

"Yes, my friends, the real "Prison of Elders" is Destiny itself."

Oh look at that, a drive-by "Destiny sucks" comment in disguise that contributes absolutely nothing to the conversation whatsoever. Never seen something so original and riveting before.

Edit: On topic. I will expect it to be a horde mode. Which I actually like in terms of PvE. Good to see it's not just limited to one race which I kinda expected as well.
If there were multiple forms of enemies that battle it out that would be quite epic.

Naga1266d ago

@ tack129

Hey buddy, I actually like Destiny. And with the hundreds of hours I have put into it, I'm well-acquainted with the grind.

I'm sorry my attempt at adding some levity to the discussion rubbed you in your sore spot.

KuroKazuma1266d ago

wasnt the story always like a slow horde mode?
dlc isnt worth a $

FamilyGuy1266d ago

It's Zombies, with bosses.

The Prison of Elders is a prison, you're sent in to fight all the baddest, previously captured, enemies in the solar system.

Think of it like fighting the boss section in a Strike back-to-back, boss section after boss section.

HiddenMission1266d ago

Looks like a boss rush mode to me with horde mode mixed in