Ubisoft found Pirating the Pirates

It seems that Ubisoft have used a no-cd crack for an official bug fix patch for Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, as the no-cd crack team's name was left in the code....

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jadenkorri3744d ago

you go ubisoft, what, what are these pirates gonna do, sue Ubi soft, they can try, but ultimately will fail

HateBoy3743d ago

HAHAHA, exactly! "Hey man that's OUR work, you did not pay to use it, that is so unfair!!!".

Well done Ubi.

Nuclearwinter3744d ago

They aren't really all that fond of supporting products and making them better for their customers if it means they have to do the work.

omni_atlas3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Ubisoft, the next EA. Lets see who can bring out the most crap.

I have hope that EA is turning around as seen with the (good) changes in FIFA, Battlefield, Mirror's Edge, and Spore.

morganfell3744d ago

They destroy the Rainbow 6 franchise, they destroy the Ghost Recon franchise, and now maybe they will destroy themselves.