Open World Psychological Horror Game, Kholat, Gets New Gameplay Video

OnlySP: The upcoming psychological horror game from IMGN.PRO studios, Kholat, has just received a new, unedited gameplay video showing off one of the game’s first environments.

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DarkOcelet1358d ago

This gives me a bit of a Stalker/Fallout 3 vibe. Looks great. Anxious to know more about it.

PockyKing1358d ago

We'll hopefully land an interview with them before the game launches next month. They've revealed very little about the game, which is good, and bad at the same time.

DarkOcelet1358d ago

Well, hopefully you do get that interview,

The game looks really good and its open world horror game and it seems to have Day/Night cycle but will it be like Amnesia/Outlast? just walking around or will it be survival horror with guns and limited ammo?

So many questions unanswered. Its awesome Mary Elizabeth McGlynn will do the soundtrack. She did a beautiful job in Silent Hill.

annoyedgamer1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Its Metro above ground. It even has the European influences nailed.

DarkOcelet1357d ago

It seems like it yeah. Its also looks really good.

PockyKing1357d ago

Got the interview lined up, no exact date for when we'll have answers back yet, but just thought I'd let ya know!

DarkOcelet1357d ago

Thats pretty awesome. Please do tell me when you interview them :)

I would really appreciate that.