5 Ways to Gear Up for Destiny's new DLC: House of Wolves

If you’re anything like Ken from Mammoth Gamers, you have moved on to bigger and better things since the drop of Destiny last September. Hooked for about 6 months, Ken played Destiny non-stop but eventually the game grew stale. Ken took a few months off, played some Indies, died a lot in Bloodborne and forgot what being a guardian even was. Yesterday, Ken decided to pop in Destiny for old times sake and boy did he miss it. The new colorblind mode, the guns, the shaders; even Xur was missed. So with that said, he feels like it is time to get ready for Bungies newest DLC coming out on May 19th in House of Wolves. Here are 5 ways you can gear up, brush the dust off (like me) for all of the new features and modes that are about to consume our lives.

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PANDAB1263d ago

Grind my children....Grind till you can't grind no mo'

bbad1262d ago

Is it our destiny to grind forever ?

rezzah1262d ago

That appears to be the case.

1262d ago
ironcrow23861262d ago

can somebody please answer me why in gods name are people still playing destiny coz tbh im genuinely bewildered

rezzah1262d ago

The only thing fun about it is playing with friends, the game can't stand on its own as a solo game.

TimeSkipLuffy1262d ago

I am still missing one weapon :D... maybe the game will one day reach the level it always dreamed of. It is a long journey but maybe they pull it off.

and the other reason I can think of... because ppl still have fun playing the game I guess...

ndrliang11262d ago

For as flawed as the game is, it is fun and a great social game. I am hopine the new dlc can breath some new life into the game which is currentry rat her repetative.

GuruStarr781262d ago

I started over on ps4... (im a masochist, I know) I've already got 3 32s on xbone, and I'm working on it on ps4, which I've found to be the superior version...

kbozz711262d ago

Same here! Glad I'm not the only masochist here, lol.

KenBorter1262d ago

I loved this game! I hope the dlc makes it fun again! I need some more destiny in my life!!