For the Love of LEGO Games

Graeme Nash writes for

"LEGO games provide us with a great childish glee, no matter what the state of the games industry is."

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WizzroSupreme1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

I love Legos so much – my home's covered in them. And I love Lego games just as much. Easiest way to play with more Legos without running out of shelf space, haha.

KryptoniteTail1264d ago

I wish LEGO would branch into anime and gaming more. DBZ or Mario would be really awesome.

crazychris41241263d ago

Would be great to get some online co-op on every platform

pivotplease1263d ago

As far as games go they leave a lot to be desired. They're not nearly as good as the games I played as a kid like Spyro, Crash, Croc, Gex, Banjo, etc. They're just too simplistic and linear. Its especially disappointing because Lego has always been about infinite possibilities. Playing through the Star Wars collection was just way too tedious though. Felt like an incomplete game.

/ending rant on overrated francise