Microsoft Shares Drop a Drastic Six Percent

Avid Gamer writes:

"It's a mixed week for Microsoft. Their keynote speech at E3 was the best of the big three. Then they went on to announce that their games division has recorded profit of $426 million for the first time since it was formed. Moments later their shares fell 6% as projected earnings didn't fulfil the expected 0.49 (1cent less at 0.48 was the reality). This was down to a $488 million loss by the online division. Chris Liddell put it down to the credit crunch and the economic slowdown that's accompanying it."

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cyclindk3771d ago

A bit pretentious to simply claim MS had the best conference of the three, but oh well. Funny how the economic slow down isn't affecting PS3 sales which continue to rise...

KingME3771d ago

I kinda helps to have MSg4 come out and mask what would have happened.

AshleyRiot3771d ago

Or maybe it's because all the stuff shown after the press conferences. E3 is alot more then a press conference lol.

Jinxstar3771d ago

@ AshleyRiot

"Their keynote speech at E3 was the best of the big three" Nothing about the rest of the show...

deeznuts3771d ago

They had the biggest surprise that's for sure. As for best event, well if you were lookign for surprises,they did win.

If you're looking for new games ... they don't even qualify ... well they do I guess. They had a music and a movie game right.

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Adamalicious3771d ago

OK - Microsofts gaming division is so teeny-tiny compared to their bread and butter windows/office/exchange etc. - that there's no way their share price is going to change 6% just based on that division. That's ridonculous.

KobeT243771d ago

So did Microsoft lie or what? Why is this important.

toughNAME3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Microsoft's shares, Sony's exclusives... they all fall

Drekken3771d ago

Sony's list keeps growing. One transgender 3rd party RPG cant ruin the parade of exclusives. I know something you can do with Lips besides sing ToughNAME.

Playstation Man3771d ago

- Final Fantasy XIII
+ God of War 3

= +1

And that's the simple way of looking at it just to prove you wrong.

snakeater33771d ago

yep tough name.....sonys exclusives fall=microsoft snatched them= microsoft s way of doing business stinks= microsoft seems desperate to survive the gaming division= ms shares plummet. you dont fck with investors my friend....they smell ms's wavering unease from a hundred miles away.

juuken3771d ago

And Sony's outselling them without a damn problem.

Lol, @ 6%.

morganfell3771d ago

Microsoft shares drop 6%? Yet Avid Gamer says they had the best keynote? More proof Avid gamer is a worthless site that has no idea what it means to have a remarkable presentation. You have to bring something to the table besides stolen Miis and two sequels that fail to really step beyond their predecessors. Chainsaw battles and the addition of 2 persons to MP hardly rate as stepping beyond when you have had two years to improve on an IP.

And face it, 2 persons hardly looks ground breaking when the big 3 titles from your main competition feature 32, 60, and 256 players.

Javk Tretton, while hardly a firebrand of a speaker couldn't fail with Sony's groundbreaking offers.

juuken3771d ago

Yeah, exactly.
Don't worry, those 3rd parties won't do MS any good. 360 fans may gloat over the news, but they'll soon be crying when Microsoft brings nothing new to the table!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3771d ago

;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D
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;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D

'Chris Liddell put it down to the credit crunch and the economic slowdown that's accompanying it'
NOPE!!! It's down to CR*P Software and CR*P Hardware!!! ;-D

AngryTypingGuy3771d ago

Stocks values, which fluctuate on a daily basis, have no correlation with who delivered the best presentation. MS absolutely had the best presentation, in my opinion.

Sony offered a movie download service, which MS has had for how long now? They offered MAG, which looks awesome, but what else. The new 360 dashboard, the new Xbox Live participation options like 1 vs. 100, and the shocker of FF coming to the 360 put their presentation ahead of the pack.

morganfell3771d ago

I am really looking forward to SOCOM. I have been a player of the series since the first one. I just increased my reserved games by 2 more for the PS3 bringing the total reservations to 20. And as far as great planning, Killzone2's community support though is outrageous. That is what a big shooter deserves.

The PSP additions are really forward thinking. I am sitting in my living on a laptop while my PSP is hooked through my home theater and blasts out commercial free music from the Internet Radio player. I have already rented my first flick off the store, DL'ed it to the PSP and carried it to my neighbors house and we threw it up on the bigscreen. He already had a PSP but when he saw that he took his broken 360 and traded it in on an 80GB PS3. Too funny. For all their attacking and harping on digital downloads, Sony is one upping them in that department as well.

If I didn't already own 2 PS3s I would have done the same thing. I am on my 4th 360, a HALO edition purchased new and it has locked up on me 3 times in 2 weeks and now the screen always looks dim with either HDMI or RGB. Trust me, it isn't my TV (52 inch XBR) as the PS3 looks great and my Wii looks, well, as good as a Wii can look.

Microsoft_Spokesman3771d ago

We just fail, you dont have to make fun of us :(!

morganfell3771d ago

It's what happens when you try to be jack of all trades - you wind up master of none.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3771d ago

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NOPE!!! I couldn't do it!!! ;-D

juuken3771d ago

Um...please summarize how their performance was good AngryTypingGuy. I asked a couple of 360 fanatics this and they STILL can't summarize it.

AngryTypingGuy3769d ago

juuken, I think I did in my last post.

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