Xbox 360 installs: Install takes 10 minutes, 30 percent load time improvements

According to GameSpot, Microsoft has told reporters that a Devil May Cry 4 hard disk installation will take around 10 minutes on the Xbox 360 and will result in around a 30 percent improvement in load times. Reduced noise is also another benefit of the new option. Although you will STILL need to have the disc in your drive!

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Wildarmsjecht5545d ago

So um...will this be an end to the useless banter of morons always nit picking the install of some ps3 games regardless of its benefits?

Probably not.

Captain Tuttle5545d ago (Edited 5545d ago )

So it's not even in the same league as the PS3's mandatory installs. The bigger issue is the small size of the 360's hard drive and the outrageous cost to upgrade.

crck5545d ago (Edited 5545d ago )

Mostly just some kids like Bladestar trying to make noise. I still love his argument that the 360 hard drive is proprietary technology and is more secure then a PS3 hard drive that's why it costs so much more. But a "ps3" 250 gb hard drive can be had for $75 now. A 320 gb hard drive for $100 shipped at Newegg. Its really a non-issue for most.

Wildarmsjecht5545d ago

Yes, its optional, but if this is a way for MS to allow bigger games to fit on their DVD, then some might actually have to be mandatory, in which case the point I brought up at first applies. It's all speculative however, and only time will tell.


Yes, Very few PS3 owners had an issue with it is what Im assuming as well.

gaffyh5545d ago

At the moment MS is saying these installs are optional, but if they become mandatory I will not be happy cos I've only got ~7gb left on my 360s HDD.

On my PS3 though I actually don't mind installs, cos I've got a lot of space available on my 60gb (I think about 20gb left).

CaptainHowdy5545d ago

Dynasty Warriors 6
Genji: Days of Blade
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Ridge Racer 7
Time Crisis 4

for the exception of NG they're all crap, but still...not ALL are mandatory. But you wait, their will be be hypocrisy

Ghoul5545d ago

well said, i for myself never minded the installs. i just cant take it how every game got basehd for a bloody 10-20 minute install (mostly under 10) but now its a smart move by ms to do the same.

sure it was a smart move i totally agree on that, installs forloadtimes horray, but it wasnt bad on the ps3 before either, installs for load times horray.


Install is pointless who cares about load times it only takes up alot of space keep instals for the PC.

JustinSaneV25545d ago


And how old are those games?

StayHigh5545d ago

Of course its optional because Microsoft cant make it mandatory since they will screw the core owners..

whoelse5545d ago

Does this mean then its not so much a problem to have multiple DVDs because you can instal the whole game anyway...

twininfinitysol5545d ago

If you're installing the whole game...and it has multiple dvds...that's a LOT of hard drive space.

SeNiLe9115545d ago

is less time then a PS3 to copy only part of a game. It's mandatory for the PS3 on some games but not on the Xbox 360. The benefit for installing the game on the HDD for the 360 is no disk spin making it a whole lot quieter while playing a game (most of the time I don't here the drive anyway with bullets fling past my head) and less wear and tear on the drive with the many hours of playing a game. For the PS3, the Blu-Ray drive still spins durn a game since not all the info is on the drive.

Homicide5545d ago

Oh great. If I want to play a game on the 360 and make it silent, I have to install the game. I'll run out of space quick and need to waste money on an overpriced hard drive. Thanks MS.

xhairs95545d ago

What's your point? So the disc spins in the PS3, #1 it doesn't make noise such as a jet engine. #2 I've yet to hear of someones Blu-Ray drive falling apart due to too much disc spinning. #3 it DOESN'T take less time. In fact it's most likely the same. DMC = 10 mins ps3/360, what's your point? I'll tell you my point flat out -- your post is a joke.

AAACE55545d ago

I don't think I complained on here, but yeah! I guess it's enevitable. The main reason I don't like the Idea of installs, is because it feels like dealing with computer games. When I did try playing computer games I would install them, and by the time they were done... I didn't want to play it anymore!

I know right now it's optional, but if developers start focusing on that, we may all end up waiting 30 minutes for a game to load. Or maybe i'm just paranoid?

BardockS30Z5545d ago

Don't forget Unreal Tourney 3 for ps3

Super-Brad5545d ago (Edited 5545d ago )

the only reason xbox installs faster because it reads dvds faster whereas ps3 has only 2x read speed therefore ps3's needs to install to speed up but not all the time, while xbox don't but to install a whole game will be quicker by near double the speed simple math really.

END off.

jlemdon5545d ago

yeah just like how ps3 fanboys talk about how noisy the Hard drive is huh?

xhairs95545d ago

Well it is, what do you want them to say? No, it's so silent you can hear a pin drop? That, would be lying.

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ry-guy5545d ago (Edited 5545d ago )

If all it takes is a disc in the drive to reduce load times and fan sounds, I am all for it. I don't know why people are complaining about still requiring to put the disc in for authentication.

Tempist5545d ago

It's the fact that many people had heavily criticized the PS3 for requiring some games to install on the drive to... alleviate load times (unfortunately inherent in the Blu-ray drive given it's first gen and there's a HUGE amount of data to be read.)

As well there were many naysayers about the 360 requiring installation ever.

ThaGeNeCySt5545d ago

But you're missing your own point... it's still not required on the 360 nor is it mandatory. Much like some PS3 games, 360 installs will be completely optional. I won't waste my time doing it but I know others will

GarandShooter5545d ago

The 'option' to install to HDD may be in the hands of the developers, not the gamers.

xhairs95545d ago

You're missing his point, it's the fact that it's not a waste of time at all. Many 360 owners claimed it was, and now that it's stated to be beneficial all these 360 owners are now claiming this a gift from the Game God. Optional or not it's beneficial and not a waste of time and you only have to do it once.

ThaGeNeCySt5545d ago

it's a waste of my time, I only have a 20gb hard drive... no way am I going to play musical chairs to pick one game to put on that LOL

xhairs95545d ago

You shouldn't have bought a 360 then. 120gb is more than enough room for me to just download/install anything I see.

ThaGeNeCySt5544d ago

I shouldn't have bought a 360? lol because I don't want to put full installs on a 20gb harddrive? That's hilarious...