Dismissal in Case of Sony 'Killzone' Graphics

"A class action lawsuit accusing Sony Computer Entertainment of embellishing the quality of its "Killzone: Shadow Fall" videogame's graphics has been dismissed. The joint stipulation was filed by Ladore on April 22. Settlement terms were filed under seal. The stipulation said each party will bear its own costs."

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extermin8or3062d ago

Ouch the Costa he must have incurred vet he wishes he hadn't bothered now.

Letthewookiewin3062d ago

Ya probably has to sell his X1 now.

xer03062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

*High 5!*, for that one ;-)

donthate3062d ago

What does this have to do with the Xbox One?

UltraNova3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

@doth nate

Well two things,

First the guy who went against a game is no gamer this much is clear.

Second, if he was a Playstation fan he wouldn't sue them trying to tarnish one of their best dev's reputation.

Which leads to the logical conclusion that he is either a money grabbing piece of S*** or a bitter MS fan trying to hurt Sony, or both! Take your pick!

AND...lets not forget all the rabbit MS fanboys making the most of it every time this lawsuit came up, firmly involving the XB1 in this story.

ON topic: Well finally this ridiculous lawsuit is done and over with.

DevilOgreFish3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

@ donthate

nothing, there is no paper trail leading to it. It's just cynical thinking Because it's looked upon as a direct competing platform.

He could have owned a pc as well and expected his pc standards to be met. Or he could have been a Wii-U owner who bought into advertisements. I use to buy into the publicly, and listen to the people that took part in backing it up.

peshkavusCA3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

belongs to ^PS a-hole fanboy. Doesn't belong to the good side of PS fanboys.. Letthewookiewin and UltraNova ;)

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kparks3062d ago

This guy is a moron all the BS and headache he went through the last couple years for something this stupid! Everyone trying to make a quick buck Hope he feels stupid.

Azzanation3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Did you even bother reading the article? The guy and Sony made an agreement which is probably what he wanted. Sony also probably paid him enough to not pursue.

The problem with Gamers today especially in this article is that you will allow corps to try to sell you a product which is misleading. If no one takes a stand then corps will do this. Sony would have learnt there lesson here, they tried to sell a game to the public and mislead people in believing there playing a Full HD game.

This outcome works out for gamers on all platforms. Stop supporting these corps like there your holy grail, Sony did the wrong here and got away with it. Lets hope we never see this again.

Stupid on the guy for suing but even stupider by Sony for putting themselves in this situation.


EXACTLY!!! I guess you and I are few of the many people here who actually read and understood what was being said here. Both parties settled, usually when "settlement terms" have been has or will be exchanged to the suing party. What is more telling is the fact that neither parties are speaking on the situation.

What I think happened is, they paid the guy a undisclosed amount of $ under the stipulation that neither party is to speak on this again.

Jalva3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

As dumb as this guy was to sue over such a trivial issue, maybe it will teach Sony not to straight-out lie about the resolution of one of their games in future, just so they can avoid inconveniences like this one.

wegetsignalx3054d ago

Sony did not lie, Killzone MP can be indistinguishable from 1080p in some instances.

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ninsigma3062d ago

Good. Was a stupid move to begin with. Just some moron trying to get easy money so they don't have to do anything. Glad he failed.

hello123062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Actually it was settled out of court by Sony

That lawsuit has now been dismissed in a California court, with a possible settlement being reached between the two parties.

The lawsuit was originally seeking $5,000,000 in damages for, in part, negligent misrepresentation, false advertisement, unfair competition, and fraud in the inducement. How much of this was actually given to Ledore, or settled upon by Sony is not clear and will likely remain a secret as many settlements do.

He got money its obvious Sony did not want to fight this in court and lose.


The evidence is clear this guy was paid off to go away.

3062d ago
hasamalaha3062d ago

Ya they gave him $60 back.

ninsigma3062d ago

You gave me two links. One link is from December 2014 saying they couldn't dismiss it. The second which you quoted which is from TODAY says it is dismissed but hasn't a clue whether it was settled or not. I don't get it. Were you trying to prove point or something??

DragonKnight3062d ago

@KNWS: A settlement usually occurs not because of the chance of a loss, but because the company doesn't want to waste time and money on a frivolous lawsuit they can not benefit from. Ledore winning over Sony could have been a pay day for him, Sony winning over Ledore would have simply cost them money. IF they settled, and there's no reason to think that they have at this point, it's because Sony didn't want to waste years on this case.

In any event, Ledore is an idiot.

johndoe112113062d ago

It is a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. If sony settled out of court then everyone who the case covered, which would be everyone who bought Killzone Shadowfall, would be compensated, not just him.

xer03062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

@KNWS - I am embarrassed for you.

UKmilitia3062d ago

yep have the money back for your game is what should of been the outcome.

when i bought BF4 it was a mess but whats point of sueing DICE/EA for a mess.
i just took the game back to the shop after a month and said why and got a full refund.

wegetsignalx3054d ago

This is completely wrong. The case was Dismissed, there was no class action settlement. Sony would not have lost the case if it went through court. Everything you said is wrong.

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blackblades3062d ago

Yeah, didn't he lose money for going to court by court fee or whatever. Either way it was a dumb move taking a big company to court over something minor.

Randostar3062d ago

Yup, i loved how so many people were supporting him when this happend. "Good teach sony not to lie about 1080p. If its not native 1920x1080 then its not 1080p" I think suing a company over that is a little extreme.

OB1Biker3062d ago

Yea the whole thing is ridiculous as if they dont have more important things to worry about than the way it achieved 1080p with no upscaling

Volkama3062d ago

Uh oh, ob1 bought into the "we don't upscale, we just scale up" explanation :(

BitbyDeath3062d ago

Stupid how it got that far to begin with.

freshslicepizza3062d ago

just goes to show people will try and sue over anything.

MasterCornholio3062d ago

Well it was stupid in the first place. Surprised that this guy didn't go after Uberporn yet.

MasterCornholio3062d ago

Ah jeez.

I meant Ubisoft not Uberporn.