Ars Technia E3 08 Preview: Left 4 Dead

Ars Technica writes:

PC games were few and far between at this year's E3, but Ars Technica's Frank Caron was determined to hit the one game that the PC gaming community has been looking forward to for quite some time: Left 4 Dead, Valve's co-operative zombie survival horror FPS title due out later this year.

Frank had the chance to play through a single level with a live team of four at Valve's E3 meeting room on Thursday, and he walked away feeling vindicated: he has long been holding out hope that Left Four Dead could be one of the first games to produce a highly-replayable co-op experience, and the early build already plays extremely well.

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But theres something about this title that seems just wrong - maybe fusing the squad stuff with zombies and wrapped up in a first person shooter stylee doesnt feel right..........maybe its just me.