The players have no rights to create mods in GTA V on PC

A few hours ago, it became known that Rockstar Games had unexpectedly changed the EULA, which now doesn’t let create the mods in GTA V on PC.

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Neonridr1352d ago

terrible decision on Rockstar's part. How many games live long beyond their times due to a thriving mod community? It's a way to keep people coming back to your game.

BiggerBoss1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

After 10's of millions of copies sold, and with people buying 3 copies of it, I doubt R* really cares about longevity at this point:p

I can understand not allowing Mods in GTA online, but they should at least leave them alone in SP. A huge open world like GTAs can inspire a lot of creativity. Just look at what people have accomplished with just skyrim and gta 4

Utalkin2me1351d ago

I'm sorry if you bought 3 copies of GTA5 then you're......errrr wait i have some beach front property to sell you in Kentucky.

bmf73641351d ago

Just Cause mods are fun too

Khajiit861351d ago


I bought 3 copies, sold the first 2 for $45 each and now im keeping the best version.

CyrusLemont1351d ago

The EULA is horsesh*t. It should NOT dictate or control what somebody does with their own purchased copy of a videogame in the privacy of their home.

That's disgusting and oppressive to our rights to imagination and creativity as a human being.

subtenko1351d ago

I laugh at the stuck up PC Master Race people :P If they had mods on PC I would have gotten it, I thought something like this would happen :/ wtf is going on with mainstream PC scene?

- PS4 & PC Master Race league.

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BiggCMan1351d ago

Honestly, screw Rockstar.

So let me get this straight. After nearly 2 years of waiting for the PC version to hit. It finally comes out, with everyone excited to buy the game and start putting awesome mods on it like EVERY PC game on the planet. Rockstar knows this, they anticipate millions of sales for this reason. And after they get their millions of sales, they decide to make it illegal to mod the game because of whatever? What a bunch of assholes.

I don't even care for the game, I don't plan on getting it on PC or modding it. But millions who already bought the game to enjoy it, and play it years from now with mods DO CARE. And now Rockstar does this.

Their games have been getting worse ever since last generation. From this point on I no longer support them, i'm sick of them. Not buying a single thing with their name on it.

Anthotis1351d ago

This killed my interest in the PC version, too.

Much of the fun and replay value in PC games are because of mods.

Terrible, idiotic decision.

ginsunuva1351d ago

Not even that. Thousands of people, including me, bought the PC version in anticipation of mods.

Otherwise I would have just not bought it.

Khajiit861351d ago

It was definitely one of the main reasons for me, probably mods at the top followed by 1080p+/60fps

Raider691351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Give it another year and R* will most likely will not care for the mods,but right now they are trying to make the most they can,money related from the game,it was expected.Too bad for the people that jump straight or double dip this game expecting mod free from the start. In one year it will be cheaper to pick the game also.

whereswaldo9991351d ago

Totally agree with that after the main story is finished and over 190 hours in online the only thing left for the people who double dipped or even *gasp* tripple dipped is mods.

Poroz1351d ago

Rockstar is no different then any other company. They only care about there product and there profits. They asked for our opinions for Gta 5, Just to use it against us. They knew what we all wanted from the beginning. I am not surprised they turned on there fans.

1351d ago
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Meltic1352d ago

They lied. I feel fooled to wait 2 years for this shit. No mods wtf ?

DharmaDan1081352d ago

Did you really buy this game just to use mods? Why don't you just play the game it was meant to be played.

SilverClock1352d ago

I take it you've never used mods before.

ginsunuva1351d ago

What if he already played it last-gen, and wanted the PC version for mods?

Saryk1351d ago

@ DharmaDan108 You must be playing a game to see how many disagrees you going to get.

King-u-mad1351d ago

"Why don't you just play the game it was meant to be played."

I lol'd.

because this

"Did you really buy this game just to use mods?"

is a hilariously stupid question.

Grant it there are some that did, but most people who buy games on pc want it for the optimization in accordance to their build and obviously for the option to mod it.

The better question is...

Why wouldn't you want the option to experience cool user generated content in a game you enjoy playing?

Because last time i checked its the users that actually play the game... not the developers.

Dasteru1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Are you really naive enough to believe there is any such thing as "was meant to be played"?

Rockstar can only do so much with the time and money they have available for development. Adding more content to the game through mods is perfectly legit. A game is meant to be played however the player wants to play it and if i'm paying $60+ for a game, i damn well will play it how I want to. NOT how Rockstar wants me to. They can ban me from multiplayer if they want but an EULA cannot legally apply to the offline portion of the game. They ban you from single player for any reason, you can sue the ever living hell out of them for bait and switch fraud. I use Peerblock anyway so they can't even tell that i'm using mods in single player unless i let them.

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s45gr321351d ago

Yeah, I'm shocked for previous GTA games had mod support. I hope is not done to prevent the console version of GTA V to look bad.

DxTrixterz1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Well they didn't have mod support directly from Rockstar but they didn't mind them and certainly they weren't banning anyone. It seems is all about their loan shark cards microtransactions. If people can hack money in GTA Online their loan shark cards sales would go down to hell and they would lose load of $$$. Still I do not see how mods affect them and anyone else when you used them in singleplayer. Only Rockstar and God knows.

KryptoniteTail1352d ago

I will never get companies. Power trip?

Servbot411352d ago

And then they wonder why people pirate and avoid all this EULA and update nonsense.

hellothere19771352d ago

And then pirates wonder why they get thrown in jail or heavily fined for stealing other people's property.

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PurpHerbison1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )


After they made millions upon millions and still fail to deliver... I don't mind at all.

-cool edit bro

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steve30x1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

I bought GTA V on PC and if they actually ban me for using mods in single player then I will download a crack for the game so that I can play the game I actually paid them for. I am all for banning people for using mods in multiplayer but I don't like the fact that they won't allow mods in single player mode. Don't get me wrong I bought the game on PC for keyboard and mouse gaming not for mods but using mods is a big bonus.

Cuzzo631351d ago Show
Dasteru1351d ago


Even though technically it is not theft.

Theft = Taking something without permission of the owner, to which the owner then no longer has access to.

Piracy is just your system reading content stored on a server and then creating its own copy of the content. No removal of anything occurs. The only way they even know piracy has occured is by spying on the activity of IPs connected to P2P clients, leeching part of the file back from your IP, then comparing the hash value of the data to whatever content they think you are copying. Without that, they would never even know anything has been pirated.

kung-fu-grip1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

@ Cuzzo63
And ^^THIS^^is a prime example of what the #pcmasterrace calls a "peasant". He's even bringing up 4K loooooool!!!!

Anyway, Rockstar apparently has a few peasants in their studio as well, if this news is true. If so; FYI, this isn't going to the modding community.

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Tonykid1352d ago

Can you guys just.... you know block online traffic when you're using a mod. Some of you people are becoming a bunch of babies. You guys have a simple problem with a simple solution.

Eiffel1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Grand Theft Auto V > Properties > Set launch options > -scOfflineOnly

And if I want to play online I just drag the files into another folder for later and remove the launch option command.

Been working well thus far.

rainslacker1351d ago

Might consider writing a batch file to do it automatically for you. Then just use two separate shortcuts to start which one you want.

Cuzzo631351d ago

Hit the nail right on the head. I know the majority of the pc crowd is not like this. But I guess it's safe to say we got spoiled brats on all side of the spectrum

gamerqc1352d ago

R*: we love making fun of videogames, but we hate you having fun with our own.

Mr_Writer851352d ago

GTA5 is fun tho?

If you can't enjoy a game without mods then I pitty you.

Mr-Zex1351d ago

I believe you're confusing mods with hacks, sir.