GK Let’s Play: Project CARS PS4 Final Gameplay

A new Let's Play on GamerKnights. This time they take a closer look with at Project CARS on PlayStation 4. Final gameplay footage from the review build.

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GamerKnights1264d ago

Let us know what you think of it. This is final PS4.

aceitman1264d ago

Did the patch fix the ghosting and blur issues

AndrewLB1264d ago

I just loaded up steam to do a few laps on the nurburgring and the ba$tards removed my beta out of my steam folder!! Now I have to wait like everyone else to play the final release version! What a way to treat your financial backers! hehe.

GamerKnights1264d ago

Haven't noticed anything, the patch we downloaded was only 800 MB on PS4, not sure if this is already the DAY ONE patch. Probably not since that should be +1gb.

Me-Time1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

The last update I downloaded was 800 MB. Like AndrewLB said, now we can't play the game/beta until the full game releases. Just curious, how much content is open to you? Will you be uploading more videos, perhaps showing a race on a small track with a full(ish) grid?

If you can't answer any of that, does the gameplay run without hiccups like drops in frame rate, screen tearing?

If you can't divulge any information, it's understood.

GamerKnights1263d ago

Normally we'll show some more footage today/tomorrow. The game runs very very fluid when racing.

GamerKnights1263d ago

As for content, ALL cars/tracks are open.