The Last Remnant Interview (DLC Confirmed, Nov 20th 360 release)

Gametrailers just posted this in-depth interview about multi-platform Square Enix RPG, Last Remnant. DLC is confirmed and the game will be launching on Xbox 360 on November 20th.

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wolfehound223771d ago

I'm fine with DLC, but I do not want to hear about it before the game comes out. Basically there saying is we want your $60, but we have this other stuff that we could put on a disk but we will just charge you for it later. If your going to have it just announce it at a later date thats all. Let me buy the game before I have to start thinking of more money to spend on it.

Baba19063771d ago

i just hope the ps3 version comes sometime after that. i need it.

monks3771d ago

i personally would just be happy with a ps3 date so i know

but not sure if there is an issue, timed or it SE thing about user base so i am going to guess at 6 months later

PS360WII3771d ago

Sweet. Nov 20th will be a good day ^^

[email protected]3771d ago

I'm not hoping this game until March of 2009 on PS3. Seriously, but how knows it maybe comes sooner or maybe not.... sad.