Mobile gaming will be a $45B market by 2018, leaving console gaming way behind

As the smartphone continues to take over the world, mobile gaming will outpace the rest of the industry

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Psychotica2957d ago

Haven't they been saying that for a few years now? That the console platform with die that the PC will die etc etc. Sorry but mobile games suck. Only time I ever play them is when I need to kill 5 minutes or so. I find the controls on my Ipad, Iphone and Samsun Android Tablet just too awkward.

2957d ago
Pixelart2957d ago

Smart phones etc are ubiquitous.. That's the only reason why. If anything they'll eat into mobile gaming more. But for serious gaming a console and/or PC is the price of admission.

medman2957d ago

So you're informing me people buy a lot of crappy games for their crappy phones? Who gives a crud.