Star Wars Battlefront CM Confirms One of Today’s Images Is a Screenshot; Clarifies Number of Maps

Today’s official blog post on Star Wars Battlefront‘s planet Sullust created a few questions among the community. Are the images posted real screenshots or artwork? Are the 12 miltiplayer maps really all there’s to it?

The game's community manager clarified those two details, and promised more information in the "near future."

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Transistor1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Nice, looks great even with the obvious motion blur.

Here's another screen, taken from the dev diary.

Also great news on the map count, 14+ after the free DLC.

subtenko1356d ago

There graphics look great! I can tell by the lighting. A true 1080p pic would look insane

1355d ago
caffman1355d ago

That's because your buddies mums on pornhub

equal_youth1356d ago

I still cant believe that this is what the game should look like in the end. Dont get me wrong, i am pretty much excited about the fact that DICE wants to push it so hard but after the downgrade debacle from 2014 i have my honest concerns about this :( on the other hand they should know better now and maybe it will really look that good.

Baka-akaB1356d ago

It's not so far away from DAI imo . Wich already had , at times , truly wondrous set pieces because of their usage of lights and lightning . And that was a game still held back by the ps3/360 versions

Pazuzu-II1356d ago

Screen looks cool, but is it real?

TheRedButterfly1356d ago

I'm about that life. Great looking game. Can't wait to play it. Getting a month of EA Access just for this title!

3-4-51356d ago

Tie Fighter is screenshot ? Looking real good.

So excited to play this.

I never got to play the first two, so I'm going into this without any past influence of 1&2.

3-4-51356d ago

14 total after the first Battle of Jakku DLC, which for pre-orders releases on Dec 1st.

Not bad.

Then we will obviously get more with the first official full DLC pack whenever that releases.

* I'm guessing those may tie into the new trilogy but they can't do those yet until the movie is released.

BellePelouse1355d ago

I don't know why you would get disagrees, thanks for the link!

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dcj05241356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

12 is kind of standard. I was hoping 14 or 15. There's no space to land combat so I was hoping they'd make up for it with content. Either way though I'll be satisfied. Still happy with BF4's base maps and AW's base maps because their complete games no need for DLC. I hope Battlefront is the same or better in terms of content.

Edit: oh it's 14+ afterall, now that's the kind of numbers I want

Transistor1356d ago

There is 14-15 maps. The battle of Jaku is free DLC, Jaku is a planet, it will feature 2 or more maps.

The DLC launches a week after release.

Erik73571356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Feel like the lowest number we should get is 15 maps...was hoping for 18-21

HammadTheBeast1356d ago

I mean, you can get 12-14 good, quality maps, or 18-21+ repetitive, bland maps.

Fishy Fingers1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

People seem to expect to know everything about a game immediately, you don't have to make a definitive choice over whether to buy at this very second. I look forward to seeing more info about the game and content as it comes leading up to launch and I'll decide whether I pick it up day one or not closer to the release.

Transistor1356d ago

I agree, it's gotten pretty bad recently.

clevernickname1356d ago

That's a more sensible answer than everyone blathering on about "DAY 1!"

Gamers are some of the most gullible, easily fooled consumers around.

King-u-mad1356d ago

If the majority of people in the gaming community were actual gamers then...

"Gamers are some of the most gullible, easily fooled consumers around. "

Would be correct. Fortunately the majority are not, so that statement is invalid.

Now on to the people whom are very gullible and easily fooled. I dislike them very much considering publishers care about them more so than the real gamers in the community.

SonyOnly41356d ago

XD 12 maps for a multiplayer only game? they really think we are dumb the sad thing is most will blindly buy it day one me I won't even take it used.
Thanks EA and Dice for killing off another franchise we loved you guys are closing in on the prize for worst company in america again I know WB Games are putting up a damn good fight to snatch it but I have faith you will prove to us once again you are the supreme scum bags of gaming.

arkard1356d ago

The franchise was dead already. Because of Dice is the reason we are getting another one at all.

nX1356d ago

No reason to let them away with anything, as customers we should have proper standards and expectations from a full-price title.

Immorals1356d ago

I'd take 12 maps on the scale of battlefront over 20 cod maps anyday! (not that cod even has that many at launch..)

the_hitman30001356d ago

Agreed, if I'm not mistaken cod is always around 14 too. So I think people are over reacting.

mrdxpr21356d ago

Not siding with cod but the game does include a story mode so it justifies the $60 price tag little more then star wars at the moment

arkard1356d ago

You can hardly say COD has a story mode. That's stretching it a little bit.

Tsubasa-Oozora1356d ago

@arkard Dude what? COD AW has a FANTASTIC single player mode.

I agree with the OP. Star Wars with no space battles? Yeah this game is def being rushed for a release date.

I will buy it used, i'll wait til the next Battlefront with space battles and more maps. 14 maps for MP only game is straight up BS.

deadpoolio3161356d ago

Well I mean clearly your that dumb...This isn't COD and they wont be tiny maps like im sure you and the other mental midgets assume....

Weird how idiots are OK that Titanfall launched with less content than Battlefront more than likely will, and it had about the same number of maps, yet that was OK and this is just the end of the world....

And NO there are ZERO game companies that are the worst company in America...Its just dummies like you that think there aren't more important problems in the world...The people who live in reality dont care about EA or WB

TheBurger291356d ago

Dont worry though just think of all the DLC that we will get! probably 12 maps with 4 new planets with 3 maps per planet! All you need is to drop $50 on premium! It will be a great deal im sure! (Sarcasm)

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CyrusLemont1356d ago

I'm sure the game will look great visually. It's how the DLC milking plays out that I'm worried about.

Expansions should cost money.

Skins, additional weapons or one off characters should be free.

RegorL1356d ago

DICE DLC are usually
- skins
- weapons
- vehicles
- maps
and sometimes
- game modes

Expansion? Should cost money!

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