Halo Fans, Are You Worried About Halo 5: Guardians?

OnlySP: 343 is in a bit of a rock and a hard place at the moment. In a previous article discussing the subject, they’ve really put a dent in their reputation with Halo 4, and more recently the disastrous launch of The Master Chief Collection.

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ic3fir31316d ago

Nop, the halo 5 beta is amazing,

best gameplay I've had since Halo 3
5 Halo> Halo Reach> Halo 4 without doubt

PockyKing1316d ago

Thought the beta was pretty great as well. Definitely played more like classic Halo than 4 ever did. Just hoping they make a lot of new "classic" maps, and they can retain their player counts.

Little more worried about the campaign though, but super intrigued now that they're teasing the deeper lore with characters from First Strike, ODST and Nightfall making appearances.

TheRedButterfly1316d ago

You're /MORE/ worried about the campaign?! What nonsense is that!? The campaign is going to be amazing! All the story that they've already brought to H5 (through #HuntTheTruth and whatnot)...

Plus it's the return of Blue Team. This is everything we've wanted since we first read The Fall Of Reach.

Calling me worried is about as accurate as saying I don't like Halo. The only ones "worried" about it are the ones who can generate a click or two off of asking the hypothetical question.

PockyKing1316d ago

Yea, I'm worried about the campaign. Not because of the story, but because of the way 4's campaign played. It wasn't really varied until the end, and it just wasn't as fun for me. Sorry for having an opinion! ;)

Is asking a question a bad thing to do too? Boy, I guess we should just not ask questions anymore then.

Naga1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

@ PockyKing,

How was it not varied until the end? The pacing of the action was dynamic, going from slow and sporadic to full-on, hold-off-the-waves-of-alien-ho rdes.

The pace of the storytelling was progressive and expertly crafted. The variety of enemies was enormous, with an entirely new race of enemy being introduced somewhere around the second act of the game, requiring entirely new strategy. There were wide-open exploration sections as soon as you landed on Requiem, high-speed getaways on a ghost, missions where you rode in, on, and around a gargantuan mammoth vehicle. You lased targets to destroy them, you grav-lifted into ships to destroy them from within, you picked off snipers, and you even commanded a lumbering mech as you cleared aliens from a ship. You fought through jungle, spaceships, low gravity, desert, installations...

And that's all in the first half of the game - well before you get into air/space combat toward the final act.

Look. You're entitled to an opinion, but don't expect everyone to just accept it when you base it on things that are just plain untrue.

4Sh0w1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

No. Here's why:

Halo 4 looked and played amazing. MCC was a huge undertaking which has never been done before but now 343 doesn't have the challenge of 1st upgrading 1 game entirely while, mixing 4 total multiplayer games from 2 different hardware architectures on to a 3rd new hardware. I don't see why Halo 5 which had a superb beta and now seems to have a very interesting campaign plot and of course has a the proper dev time & huge budget not turn out to be really something special.

btw despite MCC early problems and still some longer than normal join times even today its still hands down the best re-master game(collection) I ever purchased.

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Spinal1316d ago

Agreed, loved the beta looking forward to Halo 5.

And the beta was just multiplayer which is my least fav thing about Halo. I love the campaign co-op.

christocolus1316d ago

Exactly. why should we be worried? Halo 4, and Halo 5 mp beta were good and they were made solely by 343i with no will be same with Halo 5.

BallsEye1316d ago

Playing through the MMC now with my wife from h1 to h4. We're at halo 2 anniversary and my mind is blown at what 343 did to halo 2. Sounds are literally better than in battlefield, graphics are outstanding and at 60 fps, great AA etc with a lot of stuff going on. Halo 4? Even better! I'm extremely excited to see what they will come up with in next halo. MMC proved that halo is one of best game series ever created. I'm a fan of Destiny, and I thought destiny was great compared to halo...untill I actually played halo again. No other shooter has so believable universe, enemies with greatest sandbox AI that react in awesome way to everything you do (run, hide in fear, laugh at your dead body, seems like there are thousands of reactions). It just feels like playing somehting real, even in outdated halo 1 graphics. Pick up MMC and you will get hyped as hell for h5, even if you never played halo game before.

NerdStalker1315d ago

What's laughable about all your comments is you say you and your wife played this, so you can remind people that xbox one has split screen feature for online a feature which is a good feature that ps4 doesn't have the now. This is nothing more than a desperate attempt from you to troll ps4, this very very petty if this is all xbox one has to ofter on ps4 it isn't much of a selling point, lmao at you.

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gamer11381316d ago

Nope. Really enjoyed Halo 4 Campaign and really enjoyed the Halo 5 Beta. Looking forward to 27th October!

-Foxtrot1316d ago

I'm just worried at the Agent Locke sections. I don't know why they decided to make two characters again for the main game. They could of easily had a Sparten Ops type mode with Agent Locke as the main character telling his side of the story. You know how like in Resident Evil 4 you had the main story with Ada popping in here and there and then the separate mode where you played as Ada filled in the blanks. That was good.

Being the main character in Nightfall he was boring and I didn't care for him. I feel like when I play his sections I'll be rushing through it to get back to Master Chief. Nightfall was created to give him character before Halo 5 and despite an entire series around him it failed to make him interesting.

The Arbiter worked well in Halo 2 but even then despite how I liked his side of the story I still wanted to get back to Chief.

remixx1161316d ago

After halo 4 no. Halo 5 seems to be a step up big time.

maybelovehate1316d ago

I don't really get the hate for Halo 4. I loved that game. Sprinting, awesome futuristic weapons, better enemies. How can anyone not like Halo 4.

remixx1161316d ago

Sorry I'm one of those old halo guys......the ordinance drop, loadouts, heavy aim all just felt CoD to me. Its great if you enjoy it butit was to casualized for me.

marlinfan101316d ago

I didn't really care for Halo 4 when it launched, but in MCC with all the extra crap removed I think it's great

OpieWinston1316d ago

Worried? I've got Blue team and the HunttheTruth audio logs have been really bringing people up to speed with Chiefs backstory (For those who didn't read the books).

The Beta was solid and Breakout is better than Invasion because it has a lot more replay value and uses less resources to build these maps dedicated to one game mode.

Blue Team? Check
Jul vs Arbiter? Check
Esports focus? Check
Sanghelios? Check

Who's worried?

-Foxtrot1316d ago

" I've got Blue team and the HunttheTruth audio logs have been really bringing people up to speed with Chiefs backstory (For those who didn't read the books)"

Isn't that the problem though Halo has these days, it expects everyone to have read the books and other forms of media to understand certain plot points in the main games. I mean I'm a fan but I'm not a die hard fan. Like the way it's probably expecting people to have watched Nightfall to get Lockes backstory.

I mean I was lost half of the time in Halo 4 because certain key plot points had been mentioned and explained in the books. I really think main stories which continue on from each other shouldn't rely on people to have read other forms of media to grasp the story they are telling in the core game.

Even Sparten Ops continued after the main game with Halsey (the arm and Jul 'Mdama for example)). I lost interest in that a little bit in so I had to read up on in online.

spicelicka1316d ago

Well the story is so damn big and detailed, there's no way they could tell you it within the game. Specially with just cutscenes. In a way it's the best thing about halo, because you have so much story to take in that the game can't give you.

But that being said, they could've done a better job with explaining some of the backstory quickly in the game.

-Foxtrot1316d ago

Even if it was a 5 minute intro or something to bring you up to speed.

OpieWinston1316d ago

But you didn't need to read the books to understand the story of 4, and you don't need to read the books to know Blue Team... All you really need to know is this is the team that Chief ran missions with.

If you want games where there's no side/back stories for characters and events then play CoD... if you want a more fleshed out universe with plenty of background to explore Halo is here.

343i should use more canon characters not less, because that is where a lot of the strong characters are.

If you were lost... I don't know what to tell you because I had friends who have never read the books who kept up to date with it just fine without asking me any questions.

-Foxtrot1316d ago

If you want games where there's no side/back stories for characters and events then play CoD... if you want a more fleshed out universe with plenty of background to explore Halo is here."

Really? You're brushing me off to the COD side because I think Halo could do better explaining the story a little ¬¬

Mass Effect and Assassins Creed have huge worlds built up in various forms of different Media and yet they've found ways to create new games without making you rely on reading back stories or things explaining in books.

"My friends..."

How do I know that your friends aren't as big Halo fans as yourself? I don't know maybe they maybe they aren't but the "my friends" speech is not a very good counter point. You could say that about anything.

"343i should use more canon characters not less, because that is where a lot of the strong characters are"

Okay. Why create a new character like Locke instead of writing the story around someone like The Arbiter where he's tasked to find the Chief. Someone who is a friend of the UNSC but nothing can be traced back to them. Off the radar, covert mission. Why create a new character, like you've said there's plenty of cannon characters so why create someone new.

"All you really need to know is this is the team that Chief ran missions with."

But if they are so important then they should have backstories in the main games. Flashbacks, small playable levels or something...especially if it's Chief's backstory aswell.

Oh and there was certain things here and there that was said in Halo 4 that would of made more sense if you had read the books.

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