Eurogamer: PlayStation Home hands-on.

Charity may begin at Home, but if you listen to certain vocal sections of the PS3 community the promise of Sony's shared virtual space is starting to sound a lot like an old collection tin with a few coins rattling around inside. Release dates shift, functions and features remain vague, and there's a persistent assumption from the conspiracy-minded that the whole enterprise may yet prove to be nothing but vapourware. Across the wild frontier of the internet, the same question rings out from doubters and wide-eyed hopefuls alike: Does PlayStation Home even exist in a workable form?

Well, yes, of course it does. For one thing, David Reeves has once again promised that you grubby lot will be able to try the open beta trial "this autumn" and your ever-loving Eurogamer can now confirm Home's existence with the cocksure certainty of first hand experience, having spent the best part of a day freely wandering around Home in its current beta state. The occasion, of course, is E3 and Sony decided to allow us lowly writers left behind in Europe, with our stale cheese sandwiches and umbrellas, to share some of the LA glitz and glamour by attending a special press event with developers from Insomniac and Sucker Punch, all inside the virtual cocoon of Home.

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Wildarmsjecht3745d ago

If they can make the beta open before TGS, I can definately see them having a live stream involved. That in itself would be epic and make me content.

PirateThom3745d ago

The problem with TGS is that it's all going to be in Japanese.

They should have a five minute delay and subtitle it!

Wildarmsjecht3745d ago

They should get Datteboy to sub it. Does a well enough job for Bleach and Naruto.

LoVeRSaMa3745d ago


Its dattebayo, and they would not sub it, atleast not with a 5 minute delay, recently its been taking them a Week to sub Naruto, even though its out in RAW form.

There Lazy ;]

UnSelf3744d ago

what about Funimation, look at all the gloriful subtitles they gave to DBZ

(end sarcasm)

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4cough3745d ago

Most probably the biggest EPIC failing since the the actual release of the ps3.

novaIS3503745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Dear 4cough (what is 4cough?),

Please get off master chief's throbbing bone. We suggest you go to school and learn some proper grammar.

P.S. WTF does "Most probably" mean? Your grammar is "most probably the biggest epic failing."


N4G user

Veryangryxbot3745d ago

HOME shows again the vision and innovation at Sony.

Sony is without any doubt the market leader in videogaming. HOME is looking to stun and drop jaws. Another brilliant feature found only on PS3 while the competitors walk behind the facts once again.

Now is a good time to be a PS3 owner guys. We have the momentum. We have the features, we have the sales and we have the games.

2008 is PS3s year despite all the denial.

juuken3745d ago

And Master Chief is made of epic fail.

3745d ago
hill713745d ago

arh 4 cough didnt u get banned from playstion forums

lordv8der3745d ago

If he hasnt yet...he should be. every one of his comments are full of Xbot fanboyish nonsense. I mean ffs! 4cough how the hell can you call MGS4 unoriginal when your system has halo! I am now officially sick and tired of fanboys of any kind. Supporting one console over another is fair enough but making up bs about one when no one really gives a crap, thats just retarded.