The Age of the Remaster (or How to Create the Illusion of Choice)

Remastered versions of old games are still consistently marching their way to consumer's consoles. This despite the fact that many gamers are becoming increasingly irritated by the regurgitation of stale material. Where's all our new games guys?

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generalwinter1261d ago

It's a good point - I want to see games like God of War III on the new console, but I would rather have a new game.

Neonridr1261d ago

There are times when a remaster is welcomed or warranted, but it seems like a lot of developers are taking the easy way out. Rather than putting their time and effort into a new IP, they are simply slapping a coat of polish on a previous project in an effort to charge us full price for essentially the same game as a quick way to generate some profits.

Palitera1261d ago

Cheap production for them = low risk.
Ridiculous lack of AAA new games = high sales.

Profit. For them. To us, rehashes and remasters.

We asked, we got it.

Baka-akaB1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Illusion of choice ? I havent played a single remaster yet on ps4 or XB1 since their releases .

I must be a weirdo for manageing to get games i like on a regular basis , without relying upon remasters , or for sticking in a multiplayer game longer than its release month .....

Those articles may have the nicest rethoric they want , but it's still ultimately about whining over people getting games they actually want , because they can't fathom wanting those themselves

1261d ago