Microsoft Needs To Hire Kojima If It Ever Hopes to Gain Ground In Japan

ThisGenGaming says "Anyone who keeps up with video game news knows that Hideo Kojima is no longer working for Konami. While it remains to be seen why this change has happened, many believe that Konami is getting out of the video game business altogether. While others believe Konami and Kojima’s relationship had become too strained to keep working together. Whatever the reason is, it will end an almost 30 year working relationship between the two. This also ends the era of the legendary game designer in the video game industry. He was the last designer to have so much power over every aspect of the creation of a game almost to a fault."

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hennessey861316d ago

it would be a major coup for Microsoft

Transistor1316d ago

People thinking Kojima going to anywhere but Sony is talking crazy talk.

He lives in Japan, is actual friends with people at Sony and makes PlayStation exclusives by choice.

breakpad1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Kojima denied to bring Solid Snake on X360 even in front of Don Matrick (MGR first trailer presentation ) ..i dont think he will go Sony exclusive but he will always be Sony friendly no matter what

bouzebbal1316d ago

not sure Kojima wants to make Kinect games

HaveSumNuts1316d ago

Kojima and Playstation have a long history together if he goes back into making 1st party exclusives chances are it will be for Sony. MGS1 to 4 are all PS exclusives.

DeweyGerardo1316d ago

Agreed, it's going to be interesting to see what he's got planned

Transistor1316d ago

I think Sony will announce at E3 that Kojima Productions is now a First party developer.

darthv721316d ago

As megaton as that would be for him to join MS... I just dont see it happening. He seems like the kind of creative mind that wants to do things different. not be told what to do or how to do it by the suits of big corporations.

if anything...he likes a challenge. And it would be great to see him push the boundaries of something like the wii-u.

I think he is the kind of guy who has friends throughout the industry. MS, Nintendo, Sony...Sega. As a consultant or indie studio he can share his creativity to pretty much anyone.

OOMagnum1316d ago

@havesum How did I play MGS2 on Xbox then?

gangsta_red1316d ago

He would definitely get the better options at MS. Especially since MS wants to have a better presence in Japan.

I can see MS accommodating Kojima more than Sony ever would.

MS has the new tech and what it looks like more of a forward development tools for Kojima to really spread his wings with the Xbox brand.

PockyKing1316d ago


You obviously don't have an Xbox One if you don't think the lineup has been diversified since the Xbox 360. Ori, Sunset, Ryse, Quantum Break, D4, just to name a few. The 360 fell flat in diversity, but definitely not the case here.

CyberSentinel1316d ago


"not sure Kojima wants to make Kinect games

Bubble up fo funny. Lol.

Transistor1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )


"MS has the new tech and what it looks like more of a forward development tools for Kojima to really spread his wings with the Xbox brand."

It sounds like you're saying Kojima is going to go to Microsoft for the secret sauce.

"I can see MS accommodating Kojima more than Sony ever would."

This is so wrong. Sony are the master of letting developers spend or even waste away money on their distinct vision. For better or worse.

It's one of the main reason people love PlayStation's.

Baka-akaB1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

One things bugs me here .... why are people assuming that it would even be a good plan ?

Even if all japanese metal gear fans moved to the xbox one ... dont you guys notice that Metal Gear , while a big worldwide franchise , and cult one ... is hardly the biggest best seller in Japan ?

Werent titles like MGS2 at 900k back then a few months after releases ? And PeaceWalker at 750k ? It's big but not Monster Hunter , Mario or DQ big , it's not even always "Tales of" or "Star ocean" big , and we know how Tales and SO turned out (in sales) in japan on xbox ...

GameSpawn1316d ago


This just goes to show how jaded people can be. Kojima would probably work for Microsoft for Infinity Billion Dollars.

Kojima has seen TOO MUCH success for his franchises and own career due to the PlayStation brand that he would never consider an option were he could not develop for it. Kojima could open an independent studio and then rely on a bigger publisher to get the game to the masses. I'm pretty sure Kojima retained some control over the Metal Gear franchise, but he has mentioned repeatably with each Metal Gear this is his last (most likely Konami forced him to keep making more). I wonder if he retained ZoE to bring that game back.

Kojima is very talented and could make something completely new under an independent studio and just let whoever bids for it publish it.

All that said, if Sony offered (even just to assist in publishing while allowing independent development) Kojima would accept it in a New York minute.


Looking at your comments, stop your fanboyism please its pathetic.

Eonjay1316d ago

There is probably some sort of non compete clause that will keep him from any company for some time. Then, he is free to do what he wants. He should actually try to make his own studio IMHO

subtenko1316d ago

Oh please dont let Kojima go with M$ (he can do what he wants of course) He would be MUCH BETTER suited with Sony. M$, NO! Dont you even dare limit this man!

DevilOgreFish1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

he may like a specific brand but i don't think he's crazy enough to work under anyone again. Why let Sony or Microsoft control his IPs? It'd be the same thing all over again when his job is done. Independent studio is the way for him.

kickerz1316d ago

Microsoft hardly make kinect games anymore... So..

gangsta_red1316d ago

"It sounds like you're saying Kojima is going to go to Microsoft for the secret sauce."

Nope, not one bit. But with all the info and current news of MS's direction and new gaming focus that includes DX12, PC focus, cross platform, cloud computing and hololens, I guess most would be scared of the many opportunities they have for gaming and want to just lump this all into secret sauce.

"Sony are the master of letting developers spend or even waste away money on their distinct vision."

Please stop, this is more in-lined with "secret sauce" than anything. The fact that people on here think Sony are gods and let devs do whatever the heck they want is such a false notion and just goes to show how far this Sony fanboyism can be taken.

Withdreday1316d ago


But the Xbox One is dead in Japan and always will be. Not even a master like Hideo Kojima could save it.

And besides, MGS gets most of it's sales in the west anyway, so if anything, it would increase the Xbone's numbers to 4 sold a week in Japan rather than just 3 a week.

Wouldn't be worth it for either party.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

It would never happen. Like most people Kojima doesn't like Microsoft.

If he's going anywhere it will be Sony. He has expressed admiration for them numerous times. He also loves their consoles.

Getting stuck developing on the xbone would be the end of him

XanderZane1316d ago

I wonder if he would be interested in making an
exclusive Hololens games for Microsoft. That might tempt him since it would be completely different then what he has done in the past. He'll always make games for Sony though he could make games exclusively for other platforms as well.

Brotard1316d ago

I'm sorry but I find this comical, Kohima is almost synonymous with playstation, they go way back. He most likely will retire or create and indie studio, if he doesn't do those then go with Sony

someOnecalled1316d ago

anything but creating his own studio would be the dumbest thing anyone has done EVER. he has a massive follower hes better off creating a studio. he could grow an empire instead of being in a studio under somebody else answers to a boss yet again.

people must dont really love kojima like that to want him to work for these big corporations just because its you favorite console. its not like it will be hard for him to raise funds. he basically prints money.

but hey let have him work for these console makers instead of him gaining the most for his work while having the freedom to do what he want. let not see what risk he want to take but let see what risk ms or sony decide if his risk is good enough.

Brotard1316d ago

Ouch, not that the meat of this comment is totally wrong, it's just the grammar. I hope to god English is your second language!

iTechHeads1316d ago

Not really. Japan doesn't care about Xbox, Kojima or no Kojima.

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iamnsuperman1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

"Xbox needs to make a move like this badly, the majority of their studios are either in the UK or the US. Diversity in their studio lineup is needed and could bring them a wider audience abroad where they are badly losing the console market to Sony. Phil Spencer the new head of Xbox has been very adamant on having more first party studios so this is a possibility"

Hiring Kojima isn't exactly the first solution that comes to mind. Considering the guy could easily make his own studio or get funding via means that doesnt restrict him to one platform; I don't think Microsoft could even if they wanted to. A better solution is looking for new talent to make games for them (similar to how indies are being treated in the west)

AaronPS1316d ago

If any of the big 3 (Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo) were to pick him up I think Sony would be the best bet. They have more creative freedom for their developers. Whoever gets him though are lucky guys but I would prefer he made his own studio.

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jttwister091316d ago

While he his more friendly with sony they just got done losing a billion dollars last year. If xbox offered him his own studio and he got to pick his own guys from kojima productions studio. That's not something I would see Sony being able to match.

Dlacy13g1316d ago

Would certainly be interesting however I think Kojima is a bit of a Sony fan. I don't seem him ever turning his back on their hardware.

hello121316d ago

Microsoft ships to 43 countries Japan is only 1 country why do people still think Japan is important? It was not a huge market for 360. Its Sony home country but its not important all for Microsoft they do well there really.

Microsoft may concern should be Europe they are losing badly there they should be targeting there not Japan.

Hideo Kojima hired by Microsoft would be good for everyone Western gamers like hes games.

Transistor1316d ago

Microsoft ships to all those countries and their highest total aside from the US and UK is 420,000 in France. Everywhere matters, you think people would get that by now.

PS4 is over a million in Japan while Xbox One is at 50k selling a few hundred a week.

Again, everywhere matters.

theFAYEsorceress1316d ago

japan is important because they have a lot of important game devs and influence in the gaming industry.

someOnecalled1316d ago

i barely see japenese games like we use to. no like the are on handhelds, mobile, and wii. sony have a few buy compared to the past it looks like its dying. it ashame because i love Japanese games but they are barely made and the ones that do barely make it to the west. im surprise ps4 is selling as well as it is in japan. i thought they gave up and not into home consoles anymore. that why i think nintendo next console is going to be a hybrid.

the_dark_one1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

"Hideo Kojima hired by Microsoft would be good for everyone Western gamers like hes games." -No, its not really great for everyone if he became exclusive to any of the main 3 bigger publishers. it would be great for everyone if he created his own studio and make games to all platforms, the way you said it make it seem like only microsoft is important, and you neglecting sony platforms and nintendo platforms giving them no importance. But the way i see it, if he was to go anywhere my biggest assumption would be sony, given their historical background

wannabe gamer1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

"Hideo Kojima hired by Microsoft would be good for everyone Western gamers like hes games."

are you joking??? you have to be kidding with this statement...

Microsoft would no doubt have any f creations locked to their platform and no one else would benefit at all. no kojima games on anything but M$ platform...please that would be a waste of his talents.
if we know anything about M$ its that they love to keep their toys for themselves and they HATE multiplatform games

brainfart1316d ago

Can't wait to play uc4 on pc!!!! /s

wannabe gamer1316d ago

i cant wait to see kojima have anything to do with uc4...try harder next time

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