Development Studios You Should Watch Out for In 2015

OnlySP: The games industry is one that’s in a constant state of flux – studios come and go all the time. At times, it can seem like a cutthroat place where it’s one wrong move and you’re out. To what extent that is true isn’t the point here – right now we’re focusing on the new studios that have sprung up recently that we think are worth keeping tabs on. Some of these studios have risen from the ashes of companies that have suffered bankruptcy or other falling-outs, whereas others are completely new to the game. Wherever they come from, they could be the future of games, and we are excited for what they have in store.

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ThatKanadianKid1316d ago

Interested to see what Gunfire Games is working on since they're the majority of the Vigil Team. I wonder if Noridc Games might pick them up to develop Darksiders 3. Also really looking forward to Kingdom Come: Deliverance, been waiting for a game like that since I was a kid.

crazychris41241316d ago

Nordic is working on some maps for Red Faction Guerrilla on Steam after already upgrading it to DX11. Which means they are getting familiar with the game before they start working on the next game in the series.