May the Fourth be with you. It’s Star Wars Day, Star Wars games & goodies are discounted everywhere

There are lots of sales going on today for Starwars day.

Amazon have an entire page dedicated to this day, if you add “force=withyou” to the amazon url. They have up to 60% off on starwars clothing, toys, and games today only.

PSN, Steam, eBay also have sales going on

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elnacho1360d ago

Thanks, getting Vader's little princess :)

DemonChicken1360d ago

Gog has some pretty sweet deals, its' deals (individual games) are slightly cheaper than steam too.

Bolts1360d ago

Not a single game for the current gen consoles.

frwololo1360d ago

Yeah... I was kind of expecting something bigger with Battlefront... but I guess nobody would discount a game with such hype around it, so all we get is a few goodies with the preorder...

In all fairness, it's not like there's that many Starwars games on current gen anyway

LOOK_AT_THIS_I1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Would have been nice for them to release some actual game footage or at least a picture or two of what it's going to look like instead of renders. This is one of the few games I want to pre order but the battlefield games have left me with my guard up.

Psn could have at least thrown up the battlefront games from ps2 even if it was offline action only.

Ahmay1360d ago

there is No disturbance in the Fourth!


To the Author and Approvers: 'Star Wars' is 2 words. Just Sayin'.

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